This Guy Confused His Pet Dog With His “Magic” Trick And Now Everyone Is Trying It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 27 Jun, 2018

Anyone who has a pet knows the relationship with them is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Source: Reddit

Your fluffy friend doesn’t care about anything but you.

One Instagram user decided to take advantage of this love, by tricking her pet dog.


The owner showed her adorable pet husky her face and then hid behind the sheet after she dropped the sheet, ran to the side and hid away from her pup, giving it the illusion that she had actually disappeared.

Source: Reaction Gifs

The doggo was SHOOK. At first, he just looked at the sheet with a confused expression and then sprang into action.

After seeing the video, people were not just entertained but curious about what their pet would do in a similar situation. And that gave birth to the glorious #WhatTheFluffChallenge.

Thousands of Twitter users tried the same trick with their pet dogs and some even attempted the challenge with their cats! The results were just as amazing as they were different.

This doggo could not believe his eyes. He literally did a double take!

This poor dog rose from his nap just to find his hooman!

This catto SPRANG into action right away.

Some doggos outsmarted their humans.

And the general perception of cats being apathetic pretty much went out the window.

Some reactions were the equivalent of a ‘K’ text message.


Some doggos didn’t even bother paying any attention.

Ouch again.

But overall, the pets were generally shook.


Would you try the #WhatTheFluffChallenge with your pet? Let us know!

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