This Guy Claiming To Be Zulfi Bukhari's Cousin Just Dragged Zulfi For Questioning Nawaz Sharif

By Hafsa Ahmad | 20 Nov, 2019

Zulfi Bukhari’s cousin does not like him. Ouch!

Mr. Zulfi Bukhari aka Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari is a Special Assistant to the PM for Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development as well as Chairman National Tourism Board. He was also the producer of the Pakistani film “Cake”.


Basically Zulfi Bukhari sahab is a big shot in the current government



He’s also known to be partying with Drake and Rihanna

He was also found casually hanging out with Drake and Rihanna ( YES THE VERY QUEEN HERSELF!). Other than this, he’s been a very active supporter of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf.


It goes without saying after that, he has also been very actively criticizing Nawaz Sharif

More recently, He has called out Nawaz Sharif for being sent to the UK.


But his criticism is followed by a backlash mainly because he has been on the ECL himself


What’s surprising is, that Zulfi Bukhari’s own cousin has also been one of the critics

So we’re not absolutely certain that this man is actually Zulfi Bukhari’s cousin but he claims to be. He also claims that Zulfi Bukhari stole from him and his family and that they’re apparently seeking justice against the PTI politician.


Naturally, people are loving this family drama between Zulfi Bukhari’s cousin and Zulfi

Bring out the popcorn because this mud slinging by someone claiming to be a family member of a famous person is always entertaining to watch from the sidelines.

While there are questions raised by critics regarding the resources of Mr. Zulfi Bukhari and this so-called cousin’s dragging attempt is definitely very interesting, we shall be waiting with breath that is bated to hear if Mr. Bukhari himself comments on the matter or responds to his “cousin” regarding the claims.

What do you think about this family drama? Is there a cousin you secretly hate too? Let us know all the dirty details in the comments below.


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