This Guy Claiming To Be A FIA Officer Threatened A Bus Hostess Until Motorway Police Had To Intervene

By Mehwish A. W. | 8 Apr, 2019

FIA Officer hai toh kiya tameez bhool jaega kiya?

Harassment has been commonplace ever since powerful people realized that they could misuse their power but it feels like it’s an issue now because a lot of victims of harassment are coming together and openly initiating discussion on the need for change. This incident during a bus ride just goes to show how no one should be able to manipulate another.


A bus passenger, traveling from Lahore to Islamabad on the M2 Motorway, uploaded the video of the hostess being harassed by a passenger who called himself a FIA officer

According to the passenger who uploaded the video regarding the incident, the bus hostess was giving chilled water bottles to all the passengers but when she handed it over to one of the passengers, he asked for another one very rudely. Since she had instructions of giving only one bottle per person, she refused and said that she cannot give any special treatment to anyone in the bus. The man, however, snatched another bottle from her and started shouting at her, “Tu kon hoti hai mujhe ye kehne wali mein beshak 5 uthaun mein customer hun mein jo marzi karun”


The hostess was taken aback with this kind of attitude and told him to not order her around and that she was not his daughter to take his orders.


The video shows that the man shouted at her, threatened and abused her using a lot of swear words

He threatened bodily harm saying, “Mein tumhe iss bus se phenk dunga aur tumhe yahan se lejaunga kaheen aur phir jo karunga tumharay sath wo dekhna


Other passengers tried to intervene when the hostess broke down and cried at the threatening words of the man

The motorway police then came and asked the passenger to leave the bus but he also threatened them that he was from FIA and whoever tries to complain against him, he will not spare them.

In the video, the motorway police when heard that he belonged to FIA, were hesitant to take him off the bus and asked him to apologize and stay on the bus but other passengers as well as the hostess were adamant that the man should not travel any further with them and a harassment case should be filed against the man. When the motorway police saw a lot of passengers in support of the ground hostess, they took the man off the bus after which the hostess was thankful to everyone who supported her.


Cases like these are common and it is high time people speak up against such incidents and support the victims. Instead of witnessing such acts and carrying out discussions on it within our own safe spaces, it is time to take charge and stand up against such things when one sees these incidents in public.

Women, who go out for work to earn a living for themselves and for their families should be given a safe and secure environment. That is the kind of Naya Pakistan we are trying to build and it could only be possible to do so if all of us make some efforts to take a step whenever we see something wrong happening.


People appreciated how other passengers stood their ground until justice was served and how the victim found the courage to ask for her safety


People think this is how Naya Pakistan is supposed to be like


Some people also called for this man to be terminated from his job


Some think that action must be taken against him for using the name of FIA to threaten people


What do you guys think about this? Let us know in the comments.


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