This Future Doctor From Karachi Is ALSO A Fashion Blogger And I'm Honestly In Awe

By Mashal Abbasi | 25 May, 2019

With only a few months left before she completes her MBBS from Ziauddin University, Fahya Nagham or @dr.madeup as she refers to herself on Instagram, is a force to be reckoned with.

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•L O O K B O O K D A Y 6• contd Cappadocia is a cute little story book town and it’s always full of travellers and adventurers. We met the nicest most diverse group of people on this trip. On this balloon ride for example we met a couple of people who were travel bloggers and they were taking the most beautiful pictures and we all exchanged Instagrams and talked about our countries and how we started Insta and it was so cool and so funny to me because everyone is somehow connected to each whether by mutual friends or by mutual interests/jobs. . . . . #Drmtravels #drmlookbook #travellookbook #tapfordeets #pakistanstreetstyle #stylejournal #drmadeup#fashionblogger #fashionlove #ootd #wiw #trendyfashion #fallfashion #fallinsp#styleinspo #stylejournal #styleblogger #pakistanistreetstyle #pakistaniblogger

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“Ever since I can remember, I’ve only ever wanted to be a doctor. I can’t even imagine myself doing anything else,” she tells MangoBaaz.

Not only is she a full-time medical student, but Fahya also transitions with ease from her white lab coat into outfits MADE for the gram. An avid cook, foodie, and fashionista, Fahya takes on worlds poles apart in her daily life. She’s an (almost) doctor by day, and a blogger by night (or whenever she has the time, med school is killer TBH).

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Only choose this path if you are fully committed to seeing it through to the end. If not, then you’re better off doing anything else. Fifth year has been such a year of realisations. This is the last year we will ever get to fuck up massively and not be blamed for it because ‘students hain na’.👩🏻‍⚕️ Someone once told me that ‘MBBS tou ghaddhe bhi pass karlete hain, uske baad pata chale ga.’ Now that we’ve dipped out toes in the real world in the slightest, ghaddha bana zayada feasible lag raha hai. Electives or not? PLAB or steps or FCPS? House job kahan karni hai? Specialisation ka socha? House officers are highly underpaid, did you know? It’s like one day you’re playing in the kids area and the next day they throw you on a never ending 🎢 If I’m being honest, the work load is same (I guess?) the timings may be odd but it’s not the bad. Classes are okay too. It’s the fact that our responsible adult life is only around the corner that is giving most of our such massive anxiety. I’ve been the type of person who’s always had my roadmap on paper and I know exactly what my next step has to be and even I’m fighting an internal battle and constantly second guessing myself. It’s okay. Hota hai.🤷🏽‍♀️ Word to the wise. Please stop romanticising medicine. You will not become House. You will not become Meredith. You will not find a McDreamy. Always have a realistic idea about how your life is going to be. Talk to you seniors. This is so important. Everyone will be happy to help. Just drop them a message or walk up to them and start talking to them. Every single person I’ve met in this field has faced a road block at one point in their life and they will help you navigate around whatever problems you might be facing. This is such a helpful community. All you need to do is reach out to someone. But don’t expect them to make a plan for you. Go with a plan in mind and ask them how you can get there with minimum battle scars. I promise you, you’ll not be disappointed. (This Minglish post is for those of you who have asked me to post in Urdu. Itna kaafi hai I think) . 📷 @effneck

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Here she is checking up on a patient

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Today in Cardio: a patient came in for a regular checkup and to get his pace maker checked.📍 The thing to know about pace makers is that it doesn’t affect your quality of life. In fact, incase your heart gets ‘weak’ it starts it back up again. All in all, you can live a normal life and do as normal people do, as the pace maker will not interfere with your day to day living📍 So this patient’s wife was distressed and confessed to the doctor that her husband had been jobless for the past three years, ever since he got a pace maker. He has a three year old kid and he’s being taken care of by his family.📍 When the doctor checked his daily activity on his pace maker, it was, and I’m not exaggerating, ONE hour a day. The only reason was that his family had declared him unfit to work and was constantly coddling him and pressuring his wife to tend to him night and day.📍 This 30 something year old man who could be working normally and live independently was psychologically being brainwashed into sitting in his bed all day, not playing or taking of his kid, not working to earn a living and not taking any responsibility for his family.📍 And all I could do was feel sorry for his wife, who was just helpless, and was constantly being tortured by his family to do more and more and make up for his lack of employment. The doctor did counsel the patient extensively and even referred him to a psychiatrist for depression but who knows if it’ll even help…. • • • • #drmadeup #medstudent #meddiaries #lifeofadoctor #surgeonlife #medlife #unilife #lifestyleblogger #fashionblogger #pakistaniblogger #doctorsofinstagram #doctorsofpakistan #medinpakistan #medwithlove #geriatrics #pulmonology

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And here she is in her fashion avatar, SLAYING at an event.

Her med school journey is quite well documented on Instagram. Her captions and images (which may be triggering if you can’t stomach blood or injury) tell stories about people who have come into the hospital, be it for check-ups, or due to emergencies.

“I’ve always been into fashion, but there came a time when I got so busy with uni, I couldn’t create content. So I decided to post a little anecdote from one of my medical rotations and I think that’s where it really took off for me,” recalls Fahya.

Here’s one that’s definitely worth a read


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⚠️EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ DO NOT SWIPE IF YOU ARE EASILY SCARED OF BLOOD/GORY IMAGES/ OR GET QUEASY EASILY⚠️⚠️ . . This guys wasn’t even our patient. He was just in a bed in the icu with lots of bandages on his head, tubes sticking out of everywhere and blood seeping into this pillow. Taking a peek into his chart revealed a scene that I was sure only happens in horror movies or CID.😱 This guy was a labourer and was working when he turned around to the sound of foot steps and was bashed in the head with a pick axe ⛏ It was so deep in (as you can see in the picture) that it had gone through the skull, into the brain tissue as far down as his soft palate. It didn’t quite break the roof of his mouth but I wouldn’t call it luck… The doctors performed a craniotomy and tried their best to repair the damage. This guy was put into a medical coma to let his brain heal.🧠 The next day we went to check up on him and although he wasn’t quite conscious yet, he was responding to commands, moving all his limbs, trying to speak through the airway and opening his eyes.🤯 I couldn’t believe that a man with such an insane injury could even live let alone recover so well! I can’t tell the extent of damage as I didn’t end up following up on him and he was moved. With brain injuries, only time can tell the true nature of the damage but this was a miracle if I’ve even seen one. • • • • #drmadeup #medstudent #meddiaries #lifeofadoctor #surgeonlife #medlife #unilife #lifestyleblogger #fashionblogger #pakistaniblogger #doctorsofinstagram #doctorsofpakistan #medinpakistan #medwithlove #triggerwarning #bloodwarning #goryimage

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When she’s not learning how to save lives or picking out OOTDs, she’s surprisingly in the kitchen!

“I love cooking!” she tells us. “Honestly, If I weren’t doing medicine, I would have loved to be a chef. That or a personal stylist, I think that’s something I would do well.”

Her interest in food is well-documented on her Instagram, so be sure to check out her Cooking and Food highlights for some pre-Iftar inspo, or to visually satisfy your food cravings.

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The one place I’m sure most of us have nostalgic memories attached to is @tooso1976 I remember the entire family and all of us cousins going to have big impromptu family dinners at the tooso in bahadurabad. Well for starters, they have opened up a new branch at saba avenue with a revised menu that has so many more items and a larger variety of continental dishes with are honestly SOO GOOD.🤤 Secondly, they are offering amazing deals through out Ramadan with 50% off on the entire menu for the first week, 30% off on the week after that followed by a buffet in the last two weeks.💯 Even thought this post is sponsored, I can say with absolutely no bias that tooso has the best club sandwiches ever and their spicy chicken pasta, which i tried today, is right there with it.🍜 Let me know if you have any childhood memories attached to @tooso1976 !!⬇️

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“I can also finish multiple books in one sitting,” Fahya tells us. “I really enjoy makeup and designing my own outfits and I also love traveling, but who doesn’t right?” Is there anything this girl can’t do?

Here she is on a recent trip to Turkey and those shades are to die for.

How does she manage it all is the question, and I made sure to ask her.

“Both things (blogging and medicine) to me aren’t mutually exclusive. Sometimes blogging takes a back seat but that’s about prioritizing my studies. Honestly, it’s about doing what you enjoy at the moment. You can’t stress out about things like engagement, or blogging will end up feeling like a chore and you’ll lose interest.”

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If you see something you really want but can’t find, just create it.🐥 I absolutely loved these bright flowy bow pants when they first came in trend a few years back, and I had a post pinned for months for this look I wanted to do that required mustard cropped, wide legged pants.🌝 Well obviously it wasn’t the easiest feat to find something in Pakistan that looked amazing and didn’t burn a hole in my pocket, so I decided to get the kapra and design them myself and get them stitched from the tailor.🌼 I’ve worn them in posts before and everyone keeps asking me where I got them. Nowadays it’s much easier to find stuff ready made in the market, but if you don’t, there’s a darzi in every corner💫

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Sound advice! Here’s to many more years of successful medicine and blogging for Dr. Madeup. What do you guys think about her? Let us know in the comments.



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