This Dulha From D.G. Khan Threw Mobile Phones Instead Of Flowers On His Wedding & Yeh Wala Paisa Chahiye

By Noor | 3 Jan, 2020

A dulha D.G. Khan showered his guests with more than just flowers

As winters have prolonged their stay in the South Asian region, it seems that the wedding season is likely to stay here for a longer duration too. Well, we have a unique yet amazing wedding tale to share with you all.


So, we all know how showering money over wedding processions is a very common in desi weddings

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Like, many of you could recall your chachas or tayas bombarding the dulha with currency notes as he makes his way toward the stage

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It’s a really common thing in desi households

Source: Phantom Films


But this dulha from D.G. Khan just took the cake for the most EXTRA AF wedding procession

The brother of the groom showered mobile phones and money on the people at the wedding.

As if, the money wasn’t enough. Itni khushi?!


Reportedly, the incident took place in Dera Ghazi Khan, which is a city in Punjab just South of Multan. As the barat made its way towards the destination, money and phones tricked down from the top of the truck to everyone who was surrounding the vehicle. It was said that the groom’s brother kept on showering money and phones for about half an hour.


Have a look at the extra AF dulha from D.G. Khan yourself

Here’s the complete video:


This dulha from D.G. Khan is not the only extra AF person on their wedding day

Pakistanis have a tendency to go all out on their weddings by trying to do things no one has ever done before. Remember the couple from Lahore cut their reception cake which was 8 feet tall? Or how about the bride who entered her wedding in a cake?

Do you have an interesting story to share about a weird yet unique wedding? Share your stories in the comments below and till then keep enjoying shaadi ki biryani 😛


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