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This Dubai Based Indian RJ’s Heartfelt Letter About Yesterday’s Match Is Getting A Lot Of Love

This Dubai Based Indian RJ’s Heartfelt Letter About Yesterday’s Match Is Getting A Lot Of Love

Parikshit Balochi is one of Dubai’s most popular Radio Jockey. Like most of us, he too was watching yesterday match, praying and hoping that his team would lift the cup.


To the disappointment of Parikshit and many many other Indian fans, the Indian team lost.


Instead of taking to the internet and spewing more hatred, Parikshit wrote out a beautiful open letter to the many sad Indian fans out there. In this letter he deals with the sadness of defeat but also praises the Pakistani team for their good game.


He starts off addressing the bitter social media feud we all saw go down yesterday.

 Don’t get me wrong, internet is a great place to be and memes are amazing as well but some people take trolling too far and it just reflects arrogance. 

He also takes on the hate we seem to hurl at each other at any given moment; ‘Whenever I upload something on this page, I see Indians and Pakistanis fighting in the comments section and hurling abuses at each other which is just sad! Let’s appreciate each other below this post, tag a Pakistani friend and congratulate them.’


Parikshit also reminiscences the old times, when all of us had sportsman spirits and used to cheer each other on.


I still remember the time when Pakistan won a brilliantly fought test match in Chennai against India and the Indian Crowd gave them a standing ovation. Let’s bring that back!


Towards the end of his letter, he praises the Pakistani team.

He celebrates the fact that the team were cast aside as the ‘underdogs’ but worked hard and proved themselves on one of the biggest international platforms possible.

It will hurt as an Indian Cricket fan but that’s the beauty of being a fan, staying with your team in thick and thins and appreciating the effort by the opposition. Well played Pakistan!!
I hope the state of Cricket improves back home. Today, the boys actually played really well.


You can read all of Parikshit’s letter here:

An open letter to all the Indian Cricket Fans,As a 90's kid and a cricket fan I know this feeling when Indian Cricket…

Posted by City 1016 on Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017

People were glad to see this post and appreciated Parikshit for it.

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Pakistanis also joined in in the love 

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Koi log nahin sudhray

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And this reunion is to die for

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Thank You Parikshit for this awesome letter. It definitely was needed considering the stuff going on in the internet since the match yesterday. Oh, and if you ever plan to visit Pakistan, let us know and we’ll show you some good old Pakistani hospitality.

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