This Doctor’s Alleged Negligence Forced A Woman To Give Birth Out In The Open And It Cost The Baby’s Life

By Rameeza Ahmad | 16 Jul, 2018

There has been a slew of medical negligence cases in Pakistan, mostly stories which have been posted on social media.

Not too long ago, medical negligence on part of numerous hospitals claimed the life of Syed Anib Abbas, a 14-year-old boy from Karachi, on Eid.

Source: Khizra Fatima

Now, as per a post that is gaining traction on social media, medical negligence has claimed yet another life.

The post talks about Shabbir, a ‘young Baloch migrant worker,’ whose wife was ‘a paying patient of Dr. Uneza’ for 3 months. It describes Shabbir’s struggle, as he takes his wife to this doctor in question, who allegedly displays revolting behavior, resulting in the death of an infant.

PLEASE READ AND SHARE – #justiceforshabbir – Our cook's newborn son was killed by the CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE and EXTREME…

Gepostet von Shehryar Sheikh am Montag, 16. Juli 2018

Shabbir’s wife complained about being in severe pain upon which he took her to their doctor. The doctor sent the couple home with some painkillers after having them wait for over 6 hours saying the woman was not ready to give birth yet.

However, his wife was still unwell so he called the doctor and begged her to give his wife a check-up. Even though the doctor lived a few minutes away, she arrived after two hours.

The pregnant woman had no choice but to give birth to a premature baby in the driveway.

When the doctor finally arrived, according to the post, she was annoyed at the inconvenience caused and asked the young couple to clean up her driveway.

The doctor then allegedly told the couple that the baby wouldn’t survive anyway and had them leave her premises.

The couple then struggled to find a hospital which would appropriately care for their premature baby but alas, they found bigger hospitals to be just as unhelpful. The baby passed away a mere 20 hours after it was born.

Someone on Facebook pointed out that Dr. Khattak might actually not be a qualified gynecologist.

Source: Shehryar Sheikh

We reached out to Dr. Uneza Khattak to ask her about her version of events however we could not get in touch with her. The story will be updated with her comments when we are able to talk to her. The cook’s employer has said they have yet to be called to register an FIR.

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