This Disgusting Young Man Just Blocked A Girl's Path In Lahore And Jacked To Her In Public

By Maryam Malik | 30 Sep, 2019

A young man in Lahore just went to the extreme of frustration

It’s extremely distressing when someone doesn’t respect boundaries and the concept of consent. Especially in today’s world, with an increasing discussion around what consent means, it has become imperative for young people to be more mindful. Such ‘woke’ concepts aside, it’s just absolute common sense that you don’t take off your clothes in public to make someone uncomfortable.


Recently a young man in Lahore was filmed by his victim jacking off to her and trying to block her path

Twitter user  Zoya Ayaz who tweeted a video to publicly shame her harasser. A normal girl, on her way to get to her destination, just minding her business, comes across a guy, standing on the pedestrian bridge she was using, just casually you know jerking himself off.

She took out her phone to record the whole scenario. He saw it, he knew he was being recorded but he didn’t care. Why was he least bothered? He knew he’ll get away with his disturbing actions and not be accountable for them.


The young man in Lahore only felt ashamed after she started filming him

He went on to finish and then covered his face with his T-shirt and walked away. The victim still continued the recording as he was walking away and w can see at the end of the video when he turn back around in an attempt to attack her. This is when Zoya says she ran away.

While talking to MangoBaaz, the 24-year-old Zoya explained this encounter in detail, “I was coming back from my institute and going back home in the afternoon around 02.30 pm. I use that bridge to cross the road on daily basis. I was wearing a decent dress, not jeans and a top.”

“When I first saw him, I had a feeling that he was doing something wrong. I was far away from him so I thought I could pass by him if I walk really quick. While looking down, I tried doing just that but woh aik dam se mere agay aa gaya. Just a step away from me. His trouser was down and he was masturbating. Mujhay 2-3 second kuch smjh hi nae aya and then I took my phone out of my bag. When he saw my phone he stepped back to where he was originally standing before but still didn’t stop. The rest of it you can see in the video clearly.”

Video ke end m usnay mujh pay hath uthanay ki koshish ki thi but me peechay hui or bhaag gayi.” She told us she was really scared that he’ll push her down the stairs of the bridge because she was running so fast. “After getting off the bridge and into a rikshaw is when I took a breath and finally relaxed. But ab mujhay dar lagta hai atay jatay huey”.


Zoya revealed that her encounter with the young man in Lahore took place in Abu Bakar Block, New Garden Town neighborhood


People are obviously horrified at this incident


And expressed their concerned for Zoya’s safety after her run in with this young man in Lahore


People admired how she tackled the situation and her strength and courage during her ordeal with the young man in Lahore


But what was most disappointing to see was the victim-blaming reactions that she got

Even after such a sick, disturbing act people were worried about how this video will affect the harasser.


It’s heartbreaking to see how no matter how grave the offense is people somehow always manage to question and blame the victim instead of making sure the harasser faces the consequences of his actions.

Who in their right mind would think that somebody would be rubbing one out in their direction, in the bright light of day, when they haven’t explicitly asked them to do so? The urge to masturbate while forcing unwilling people to watch warrants NO consent. This is the literal definition of HARASSMENT.


The Lahore Police is looking for him


Sadly, incidents like this young man in Lahore aren’t uncommon

In the past there have been many such reported incidents of men exposing themselves to women to intimidate them and make them uncomfortable.

If you, as a woman, come across something similar make sure you’re prepared. Only jerks would jerk themselves off in public like that so name and shame is the best way to go about it. You must try to

  • Stay calm. The situation might be really uncomfortable but you can not be taken over by emotions at the time. you have to think smartly and quickly.
  • Try to gather proof. As sad as it is, we live in a society which wouldn’t take our word for it so try to take pictures, record videos, note down number plates. Whatever you can manage.
  • carry self-protection. You can never be too sure.

We hope the police catch the culprit soon and an end could be put on situations like this because no one should feel unsafe walking on the streets.


What do you think about this? let us know n the comments.


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Cover via: @ShoutOutLoud16 / Twitter

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