This TV Show Accused A Man Of Being An “Adam Khor” But There Are SO MANY Questions

By Ather Ahmed | 17 Jun, 2017

So a man accused for cannibalism has been caught by the police in Gilgit.


Yes you heard that correct, a man has been jailed for allegedly feeding on humans.

Sounds scary doesn’t it? Wait till you hear more.


The guy is basically being accused of being Pakistan’s version of Hannibal Lecture

Source: Movie Musings

Except that he’s not well read, not an accomplished psychiatrist and not Anthony Hopkins or the new guy in that TV Show. In fact this guy can barely speak in any known language.


He was arrested after several reports of him attacking children to feed on them surfaced.


Apparently he tried to feast on the blood of some children. This sounds something right out of a horror movie. The story surfaced in an episode of Pukar a crime expose show that airs on Neo News  .The magistrate that booked him in an interview with Neo News narrated an anecdote of an eleven year old who claimed that the man in question tried to eat him while he was going to school. The man also skins live animals following which he drinks their blood.


While being questioned by the police the man physically attacked them

Around twelve members of the force were given the task of taking this man into custody. According to the magistrate the man had managed to fight off the cops before being eventually taken down.


The guy also doesn’t communicate like normal people. Except making a few grunting noises he doesn’t talk much.

You can see the guy mumbling in gibberish when questioned by this journalist from Neo News. In the guy’s defense though I would be equally shocked if someone randomly asked me ‘ khoon kyun peetay ho’

Source: Neo News


Jokes aside the manner in which the journalist is questioning the, clearly mentally challenged man, is not exactly ethical.

There have been instances in the past where journalist like this have been accused of bullying and at times even blackmailing way to get a good scoop. Some have even questioned the authenticity of such reports.

Source: Pukhtoon World/Facebook
Source: Pukhtoon World/Facebook


Here’s the full video of the episode. Courtesy Neo News

Posted by Pakhtoon World on Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2017


 The biggest question this leaves us with, is, how was the journalist not able to see that the man was so obviously mentally handicapped and needed help instead of her investigative questioning to decipher his motives?

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