The World Is Going Absolutely Thirsty For These Pakistani Artists

By Haadia Paracha | 10 Aug, 2016

 Warning: Talent so enticing, it can cause actual THIRST 

Ever had one of those life-defining moments when you’d have a peep at a work of art so divine, you just can’t help feel the thirst? Of course a perfectly chiseled male torso brazen in the summer sun can have the same effect, iykwim. But seriously, though. Ever seen at such raw, masterful talent that makes you go hot, damn?

This list is all about THAT thirst. We’re listing the finer crop of our homegrown Pakistani artists who don’t only dream, they earn the thirst. So grab a Sprite to quench the thirst you’re about to feel. Here goes, in no particular order:


Babrus Khan

Source: Babrus Khan Via: Facebook

Babrus does comics, mangas, animes, animation and digital art and if you’re really into that kind of stuff, you’re bound to love his work.

Fun fact: Named the youngest art director in Pakistan at the tender age of 21, he might be one of the top 3D animators in the country but can sell his soul for a cup of karak chai.


Mahoor Jamal

Source: Emjay Via: Facebook

If water colors splashes, fashion illustrations, portraits, Victorian high collars and whole lot of oddity are your kind of art, Mahnoor is the artist you should be checking out.

Fun fact: Albeit the marionettes in her art that don luscious lashes and scream “western agenda”, Mahoor stares you in the face with all the contradictions as she adjusts her hijaab. Her work is so exquisite, you might want to keep a glass of OJ handy.


Haseeb Sultan

Source: That Paki Blog Via: Tumblr

If you’re into fashion commentary, celebrity styling, runway illustrations and trippy gifs, you need to check out this guy right here.

Fun fact: The obsession with Moschino, vintage cars and pop culture is strong with this one.


Ramish Safa

Source: The Caricature Shop Via: Facebook

Ramish is an amazing artist who dabbles in comics and caricatures, with a dash of healthy humor.

Fun fact: The man behind Kachee Goliyan and The Caricature Shop, Ramish now dreams to overthrow the wedding card industry kingpins. Be it couples announcing their wedding dates or birthdays made special with this custom art-piece, you’re definitely in for a treat.


Naveen Shakil

Source: Naveen Shakil

If you’re into graphic novellas, illustrations and architecture topped off with a hint of street graffiti grunge, Naveen is just the one for you.

Fun fact: Making street art more sophisticated is no less than a personal crusade to her and you might find a carton of Marlboro lights neatly tucked away somewhere in her apartment.


Aaez Raza

Source: aaezraza Via: Instagram

Follow for pencil sketches, charcoal and romance with light and shadows between occasional hiatuses of personal photography.

Fun fact: Silently wishes to match the Kardashian fame upon every shooting star and doesn’t mind letting you share a drag if you ask nicely.


Wajid Karim

Source: wajidkarim Via: Instagram

Doodles, freelance, concept art, splatters of pencil and ink between desolate landscape photography.

Fun fact: Reads Carl Jung in his free time.


Muhammad Danish Khan


Follow if compelling visuals and hand-made postcards are your cup of tea.

Fun fact: Set out to be an engineer but art might just end up paying the bills.


Nazir Hunzai

Source: nazirhunzai Via: Instagram

Follow for sketches and sculptures.

Fun fact: Goldilocks with a beard: the winning combo.


Arsalan Farrukh


Arsalan’s forte is miniature illustrations that are so damn cute. His talent is almost magnetic, you’d be left lusting in awe.

Fun fact: All black everything.


Sadia Gillani

Source: prismsandpaintbrushes Via: Instagram

Follow for professional doodling that gave birth to whimsically illustrated products.

Fun fact: You might catch her with ivy green hair one day and purple the next. Do not be alarmed.


Abdullah Syed

Source: Abdullah Syed Via: Tumblr

Abdullah is a Karachi-born designer, illustrator, pop artist and author who strongly believes in the meditative powers of coloring pencils. This resulted in Rangeen Pakistan, a one-of-a-kind coloring book for adults.

Fun fact: Often reads in bed with a whole vat of black coffee.


Syed Faizan Raza Rizvi

Source: Laalsharbat Via: Tumblr

A cocktail of vibrant visuals, pop culture references and important social commentary.

Fun fact: Will be watching a dozen TV shows at the same time.


Faten Suleman

Source: faten_suleman Via: Instagram

Follow for acrylic and watercolor drawings/paintings with the darker undertones.

Fun fact: Men in suits make her weak in the knees.


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