17 Loving Things Your Mom Does Every Day That You Take For Granted

17 Loving Things Your Mom Does Every Day That You Take For Granted

Throughout life, your relationship with your mom will change drastically. As children, we rely on our mothers for everything. When we’re teenagers we fight, argue, and don’t want to be seen with our mothers. Finally, when we begin to mature – we realize the importance of our mom.  It can be easy to take everything they do for granted  – but they dedicate their lives to us.


1. Showering you with hugs and kisses

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Nothing makes you feel better than a hug from mama.


2. Constant compliments

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Even if everyone else thinks you look like a potato – you will always be the most beautiful creature to walk this Earth in your mom’s eyes.


3. Her genuine kindness

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Mothers have a heart of gold. No matter what you do they will always forgive you and be there for you.


4. Catching your lie EVERY TIME

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We’re all guilty of getting caught lying to our moms here and there…but as you grow up it teaches you the importance of telling the truth.


5. When she surprises you with gifts

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Whether they got you your favorite snacks from the grocery store or the new toy/purse/shoe you’ve wanted for months – as you get older you miss those little surprises.


6. When she asks about your day

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You find it annoying when you’re younger but as you get older you want to share every detail of your day with your mom, even if it’s the same exact thing you told her yesterday.


7. Unn ke haath ka khaana

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Mmmmmm the smell of your mom’s biryani.


8. Her special advice

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Even though you never wanted to admit that your mother’s advice was good, 90% of the time you would secretly follow it and it probably worked every single time. They’re always right.


9. When she has your back and doesn’t your dad about all the times you may screwed up a li’l bit

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You probably don’t want to go into details.


10. Her generosity

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Mothers give, give, and give and expect nothing in return.


11. All the unconditional love that she gives

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No one in this world can love you like your mom.


12. Every time she tells you to take along a jacket / shawl / chaadar / sweater when you’re going out

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You’ll understand the struggle when you no longer live with your mom and are freezing in your t-shirt.


13. All the sacrifices that she makes for you

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Your mom has probably sacrificed a lot of things for you, appreciate her while you can.


14. The 13 missed calls she makes to check on you whenever you go out

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Beta when are you coming home?


15. Things she did for you on a daily basis, ever since you were a baby

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From cooking, cleaning, laundry, to helping you with homework, they did it all for you.


16. Her ability to find any lost item

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Mothers have the ability to make a lost item magically appear.


17. And of course, teaching you everything that you know about this world

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Moms teach you to not only respect others of all ages, they teach you to respect yourself.


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What special thing does your mom do for you?


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