16 Things That This Garmi Is Actually Perfect For, Asal Main

By MangoBaaz Studio | 3 May, 2017

The summer season has finally arrived and all of Pakistan could not be more thrilled – said no one ever. Everyone in this country strives to make sure that no matter what, everyone should hate on the garmi.

 ‘Bohot garmi hai yaaaar,‘ is a phrase we are all way too familiar with. But enough yaar, it’s hot here. We only have one life to live – it’s time to taste the heat.

So here are just a few things we can all do in the garmi that will actually help us enjoy it.

1. Actually not complaining about the weather

Jee, garmi aa gayee hai, ab kya karein? Complaining won’t make anything any easier and certainly won’t make it any cooler, so let’s, just, please – stop.


2. Going outside and enjoying the weather

God forbid everyone actually goes outside and enjoys the sun, but just imagine – being able to go outside and actually enjoy the sun? It’s not impossible, friends.


3. Taking a trip with your friends

Via: Deenga

There’s no time like summertime when you’ve got your friends by your side and nothing but the open road in front of you. Explore the northern areas, taste some thand and enjoy.


4. Tanning

Via: Deenga

lol jk yahaan koi tan nai hota, burn hotay hain. 

5. Going for a picnic

Via: YouTube

Imagine laying out in the sun and laying in the grass like all of those goray films. Grab some burgers, some pizza and a huge bottle of 7UP with your best friends and spend an afternoon in the sun having a picnic. Think about it, when’s the last time you went to the park with some friends, food and a good time? You can thank us later.


6.  Spending the day sight-seeing

Source: AJK Tv Via: YouTube

It’s always fun being a tourist in your own city and taking in the sights of your very own. Plus, seeing historical monuments lit up beautifully in the sun? Nothing better my friends, nothing better.

7. Throwing a BBQ

Via: Giphy

Summer nights are perfect for having your friends and family over for a night of grilling up some tikka, burgers or steak. Grab an ice cold glass of 7UP and a good game of charades and you’ve got the ultimate summer soiree.


8. Weekly game nights

Via: YouTube

Have a good old fashioned game night with your family or friends.Whether it’s carrom board, scrabble or cards, a good round of classic games on a summer night is the perfect way to enjoy the garmi.


9. Going on a photo walk

via: Giphy

If you’re not in the mood to go sight-seeing, grab a camera and just go for a walk around your neighborhood! There’s always beauty in everything around us so why not capture it? Stop and smell the roses!


10. Water sports

Source: Solid Corsica Via: Youtube

Calling all sports and activity junkies, Pakistan has pretty cool places for water sports. Whether you want to go river rafting or waterboarding, it’s the perfect thing to do on a hot summer day.


11. Reading a good book

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A book is a great way to distract yourself. If you really can’t stand the heat, grab a good read and lay down under the shade of a tree. Sounds a little filmy but whatever, you’ll love it.


12. Catching up with family

Instead of being anti-social and sitting in your house all day just because of a little sun, get out and use the excuse to go and meet your family. Remember that game night idea? Include them!  

13. Having a proper photo shoot

Source: ARY Films

There is nothing more ‘Insta-worthy’ then a good photoshoot and you know when you get great photos? Jab lighting achee hotee haiii. Grab some friends and props and use the garmi to your advantage!


15. Arts and crafts

Via: Tumblr

Find your inner crafter and use all the glitter skills you learned when you were in school to create whatever you want. Press fallen flowers, buy some clay and make some action figures or even paint a picture outside!

16. Enjoying your own company

Via: Deenga

Yes honey.


Oh wait, look at that! We just made a list of things we wish we could do in this garmi and guess what – it turns out it’s a list of things we can actually do in this garmi.

At the end of the day, even just sitting back, opening a can of thandi 7UP and tasting some garmi is the smallest and best pleasure you can have in these upcoming hot months. Remember, it’s not what garmi can do for you, but what you can do in the garmi.

What ways do you guys take advantage of the garmi? Let us know in the comments so we can all actually enjoy summertime this year. Try and not have a good time, we dare you.

Cover Image Source: Dawn

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