13 Things That Are Bound To Happen When You Have A Crush

13 Things That Are Bound To Happen When You Have A Crush

Having a crush is one of the most overwhelming feelings ever. It’s a whirlwind of anxiety and excitement, a battle of yes versus no and a lot of WTF.

How many of these signs do you relate with?


1. At first you deny it

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Why am I having feelings?

End this right now. He isn’t even that cute… but his dimples…ainvayi hai… but his bu- NO!!!!!!


2. You stalk their social media

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OMG he was at the same cafe I was at 6 months ago!! We have so much in common, we are foodies and meant to be … but who is this girl next to him?


3. You stalk their family members’ social media

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Aw his mom looks so pretty here, I love her outfit. She and I would get along well, we should make matching jorey.


4. You create all kinds of scenarios

Imagine destination wedding… sand between your toes and your lehnga sparkling under the island sun… haye…

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Imagine making garam chai for him and watching him sip it… yum.


5. You plan your interactions… and make sure they happen

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His shift finishes innnn 15 minutes which must mean he is wrapping up with a final client which means he will be at the front of the store which is perfect for you to just walk by 40 times until you make eye contact and smile.


6. You put all your thought, planning and skills into a hypothetical conversation with them

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When he asks you how your day was and you write an entire monologue about how your khala came over and how Trump banning visa entry for some people sounds like a good idea to her and then you backspace all of it and say “it was fine, thank you.”

but then that sounds basic so you rewrite all of it and then he goes to sleep.


7. But when you do have your first conversation you say something dumb

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When you mean to tell him about a food porn account but say foot porn instead.


8. You overthink everything

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He used a lowercase lol 🙁

He hates me and thinks I’m boring and now that girl in his comments will be calling him jaanu. They’re probably best friends on snapchat already.


9. You don’t pick up on signs from them because you’re too busy obsessing about your future together

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He sends you an inside joke while you’re out with friends. He commented on your picture with a “damn.” He’s clearly mocking you. He’s making fun of you. He thinks you’re an idiot. Good going.


10. You drop a banger

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The picture your friend took of you yesterday is burning a hole in your phone. Your highlight is poppin’, your hair is shiny and your hand doesn’t look so awkward. You wait till he replies to your text and CASUALLY upload it with a witty caption. Dekh. Magar pyaar se.


11. You learn how to hide your jealousy at seeing them with someone else

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It’s ripping you apart to see another girl comment with heart eyes on his last upload… but it’s ok. It’s making your blood boil to see another girl on his snapchat story… but it’s ok, just grin… and bear it…



12. You check how you look before and after meeting them.

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How stupid does the grin on your face look? Oh god my face is so pink I look like a lobster.


13. And of course, you stare. Shamelessly. A lot.

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It’s like no other man has been created in this world except him. His every action is beautiful. His every movement. Every word he speaks. How can I shift my gaze?


What do you do when you have a crush?

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