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11 Of The Weirdest Things You Probably Believed Could Break Your Roza When You Were Young

11 Of The Weirdest Things You Probably Believed Could Break Your Roza When You Were Young

Ramazan is upon us in full swing and it’s the month we’re all at our best behaviors. Or so we’d like to believe. We take extra care and try not to swear or curse, to control our tempers, to be kind do others and do good deeds. Even though we know we’re going to sleep off most of the day, our hearts are in the right place. And while we know the basics of what breaks our roza and what doesn’t, there have been some really bizarre things that we have believed, growing up, jin se humara roza toot jaata hai 

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So we put up this image, putting forth our own bachpan ke woes, as well

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Here are the funniest comments from you guys


1. “my 20 years old brother still go to the wash basin to spit after every 2 seconds”

Source: WWE


2. “my brother used to keep a tissue box with him so when even a bit of mucous forms he can immediately clean his mouth”

Source: Walt Disney Pictures


3. “when I was little i used hold my poo so it won’t break my fast. :/”

Source: DreamWorks Animation



So we decided to ask around the office and see what else people used to believe would break their fast


4. Watching TV could definitely end your roza, effective immediately

Source: Netflix Originals


5. Laughing out too loudly

Source: Hanna-Barbera Productions


6. Looking at someone from the opposite sex

Source: @girlstarter / Giphy


7. Hearing the word ‘sex’

Source: Asian History Month / Giphy


8. Putting on lipstick



9. Or putting on any make up whatsoever, so you end up looking like a bhoot



10. Talking back to your parents (we think this one might have been planted)



11. Skipping a namaaz means instantly foregoing your roza

Source: MangoBaaz

So what have you grown up believing will break your roza? Let us know! Okay byeee ~


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