15 Things That Are Recycled In Every Single Desi Home

By Sajeer Shaikh | 25 Oct, 2017

Us desis don’t really have a good relationship with the environment because we don’t really care for it. But there are a few things that every¬†desi¬†household re-purposes and reuses for things other than their actual purpose. It’s just something that happens here. We try to get the maximum out of the things that lie around the house.

Here are a few of things that we, as desis, love reusing around the house:


1. Plastic bags (aka shoppers) of every color

We’re taught to hoard plastic bags like they’re made of gold – only to score smaller plastic bags in them.¬†Apni dukaan khol sakte hain,¬†tbh.


2. Jars and glasses of every shape and size

You’ll notice how these jars are re-purposed to store¬†achaars,¬†spices and all kinds of¬†chutnies.¬†Thought you were about to get some Nutella or cheese spread? Yeah, have some¬†chutney instead.


3. Biscuit ke dabbay 

Do we even actually get biscuits in those boxes? These boxes are a lie. They’re placed strategically to play with our feelings. They will never in a million years store actual biscuits.¬†Sirf silai ka samaan milega.¬†


4. Clothes from your elder siblings

Clothes are either passed down from sibling to sibling or are cut up and used as¬†safai ka kapra.¬†Even if you’re deeply attached to a piece of cloth, you’re bound to see it being used to clean¬†kachra around the house. And when you do, you’ll die a little on the inside.


5. Old diaries that your parent s were gifted by banks or work friends

You know all those diaries with bank logos that we’ve seen lying around on book shelves? They pretty much double as phonebooks or¬†hisaab¬†books.

Source: express.co.uk


6. Newspapers from every single day of your life

Old newspapers will never go to waste in a¬†desi¬†household. They’ll be placed inside the shelves of cupboards. Sometimes, they’ll be used to cover books as well.

Source: pakistanworld.com


7. Water bottles toh hamesha reuse hoti rehti hain

Those plastic water bottles in¬†desi¬†households can pretty much last a lifetime. No one ever gets rid of those. You’ve been taught to never throw one away. Water bottles have their own legacy in¬†desi households – one that must be respected at all costs, even if plastic is horrible for the environment.

Source: pakistanisworld.com


8. Ice cream boxes

One of the more painful dhokas is when you reach for an ice cream box, only to have your hopes brutally shattered when your eyes fall upon the daal or any other salan that may be inside.  Jab ice cream nahi rakhni toh dabbay kyun sambhaalte ho?


9. Airplane utility kit bags

Those mini pouches will never go to waste in a¬†desi¬†household.¬†Unka¬†bhi koi na koi¬†use¬†nikal aata hai.¬†They’re used to store stray¬†dhaagas¬†or a small needle set when the¬†biscuit¬†ka dabba is too full.

Via: Pinterest


10. Plastic cups, paper cups, steel cups, white cups, red cups, transparent cups… you get the idea

These will be used as pen holders around the house. If they’re super lightweight, you’ll be told to use them to store water in while painting.¬†Yeh bhi zayaa nahi jaatey.

Source: alibaba.com


11. Old boxes of Quality Street chocolate for storing jewelry

Remember when you’d reach for a Quality Street box to give yourself a treat and would only find jewelry? Yeah.¬†These boxes are the reason why I don’t trust humanity. It’s a cruel joke, in all honesty.¬†Galat baat hai.¬†

Source: dailymail.co.uk


14. That Eid cake you got from your neighbors

Like, of course you’ll be recycling it by using it as a gift for when you go visit your¬†phupho.

Source: @primary_rendell / Twitter


13. Wrapping paper

Any wrapping paper that’s been left over will HAVE to be used again. If not, you get a fancy new cover for your books.¬†Par iss ko bhi zayaa nahi honay de sakte.¬†

Source: clipartfest.com


14. The chittar

Most people use shoes as footwear. In a desi household, a chittar is used for other purposes Рsuch as instilling discipline among the general youth.


15. Love

Let’s not even pretend this isn’t true.¬†You know that moment when your parents call you by the wrong name? Or the time when they carry out blatant acts of favoritism. Yeah, take a hint. Their love just gets diluted and distributed over time.¬†Kya kar sakte hain?

Source: Oriental Films


Regardless of how strange some of these may seem, storing things and reusing them for various other purposes has become ingrained in our minds as well. It’s pretty much a desi people thing now.¬†What are some items that have been re-purposed around your household? Let us know in the comments.


Cover image via: Lemon Max / YouTube

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