All The Struggles You Go Through When Your Friends Dare To Make Plans Without You

By Arslan Athar | 4 Sep, 2017

Whether your friends made the plans by deliberately excluding or you just couldn’t join because of your commitments to your family wagaira, being left out of plans and then seeing their photos on social media does give one a shit ton of FOMO (just in case you didn’t know,  FOMO= Fear Of Missing Out)

So when you’re sitting at home and wondering how much fun your friends are having with out, that’s FOMO. Here are the thoughts that go through when FOMO hits you HARD:


You keep pestering your friends on WhatsApp and Snapchat for ditching you

“OMG I hate you all for having so much fun without me!”



You end up sending snaps with your sad face just to be cute and grab attention

(PS you don’t look cute, but oh boy will you grab attention)

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You consider breaking friendship with them because they actually had the nerve to exclude you from plans

All the decisions that lead up to this moment of solitude and loneliness.

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After a while you feel extremely unloved and alone

Source: DanishAli/Youtube


You promise to yourself “uglee baar mein jaonga hee jaonga”

You can’t afford to miss another group activity. I mean, this one’s already slowly killing you.

Source: Deenga


Next time you see all your friend you ask EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of what happened at their hangout session because you don’t want to miss out on anything

Kya, all that happened and I wasn’t even there?”


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You struggle really hard with almost having a breakdown when there are new inside jokes among your friends and you’re not part of those jokes

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Your mind keeps imagining them having a big bitching session against you as your FOMO goes into overdrive

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FOMO gets especially bad when your friends try that new restaurant you were dying to go to

You look sadly at the daal chawal you’re having while your friends are having some brilliant mushroom steaks. (Daal chawal is love but not when you’re alone and you had a chance to go out but didn’t take it, like a bloody idiot)

15 desi statements you miss when you are on foreign roads
Source: Deenga


With a heavy heart, and tons of FOMO, you like all the Instagram posts and Snap stories they upload

“I’m not in these but I’m not going to be petty and not like these”

Source: Deenga


You keep thinking about how you would’ve made those photos so much better if you were in them

You’re the best looking, and you take the best goddamn selfies.

Via: Deenga


As a joke you comment on their pictures saying, “Thanks for inviting me. NOT”  but deep inside you know it’s no joke because FOMO is real

You’re actually crying uncontrollably into your phone.

Source: Deenga

The question is, how many more times will you do this to yourself. Just go out.


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