NUST Students Are Accusing Their Seniors Of Ragging And It’s Pretty Disturbing

By Biya Haq | 9 Oct, 2018

Ragging has been a long-held tradition in Universities across Pakistan. Designed to complement the hierarchy system of schooling, it is practiced by senior students to implement a superiority and respect level within their juniors.


NUST continues to disappoint us, first with their disgustingly sexist policies and now with this extreme bullying of students by seniors

As you may recall, the administration was under fire recently for having a sexist smoking policy, whereby female students found smoking would not only be fined but calls are to be placed to their parents. Women’s agency being taken away is nothing new and educational institutions that are supposed to paragons of progressive ideology promoting such policies is disgusting, to say the least.



In yet another blow to decent values, these students at NUST EME are allegedly being ragged in such a demeaning manner, it shows that the tradition is clearly being taken advantage of.

Civilian students are being made to lie in the wet dirt as punishment.

A student who had come to us anonymously, revealed the practices going on in regards to new NUST Engineering students. The student outlined that this tradition happens every semester at the hands of the ‘sergeants’ (the ones carrying out the punishment) and has been carried on for the past 15 years. The ragging takes place in full force for a whole month.

Once the student posted the image, one of the sergeants called him out on it.

The ragging allegedly only happens with students that live in hostels that are inside the college. For this, the sergeants have lists that tell them who is living in the hostels and where. If the student is not found in the room, they are sought out.

Our source also added, “The college also teaches engineering to army cadets who bear an even rougher drill. They can be heard marching and yelling at even 3 am. So this is where the culture comes from.”

Clearly, this is not the kind of ‘ragging’ that is taken out to fulfil a 15-year-old tradition, but a slander on the self-respect and self-worth of the students falling privy to the act. Instead of focusing on and worrying about trivial things such as a smoker’s area for students, administrations should look at emotionally abusive and potentially scarring experiences that take place on school grounds.
Have you ever experienced these kinds of practices at your own school? Let us know what you think in the comments below!





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