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25 Hilarious Pictures That Show There’s Something Wrong With India

25 Hilarious Pictures That Show There’s Something Wrong With India

25 Hilarious Pictures That Show There’s Something Wrong With India

We’re not against our hamsaye. If anything, we think that relations between the two countries should improve. Some time ago, a story appeared in India about how there was something wrong in Pakistan. So…being the mango people we are, we decided to do a bit of digging. What we found, well you’ll simply have to judge for yourself.


1. Yeh hai customer service. Who says it’s limited to just humans?

Source: Funnfunn


2. Instead of heating the water, it’s smarter to wear a big ass sheet over yourself. Genius.

Source: FunnFun


3. Clearly, India needs the help of Ayesha Mumtaz – Pakistan’s Food Police Chief.

Source: DailyMoss


4. Could have at least provided a seat belt for the child. What a selfish idiot.

Source: MyIndiaPictures


5. Who needs a school bus when you can do this?

Source: FunnFun


6. Guess he’s been a little too inspired by Tamil movie stunts, someone needs to tell him that stuff is camera tricks.

Source: Funnfun


7. Yaar please insanon kee terhan protest kerro. Koi sharam naheen?

Source: Funnfun


8. Hmm. This kid is too ahead of his age



9. Looks like we know what she watches during her free time. And no, it’s not Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

Source: DailyMoss


10. Nakammay. Nalaik. (Except for Sachin)


11. Okay, seriously, how’s he going to fit that into his mouth?

Source: Funnfun


12. Just like the kind your Ammi used to give you growing up.


13. Hmm, is that really what WTF stands for? This guy isn’t sure either.

Source: Trendyfeeds


14. Apparently Indians have the power of Superman and can pluck trees if they want to.

Source: Trendyfeeds


15. This is what’s called “using your head.” 

Source: Telugone


16. How can she slap???


17. Itna bharra discount???

Source: TrendyFeeds


18. Lucky Donkey



19. This guy knows how to do multiple things at once


20. Wonder what the quality of their education is


21. Thank you for the notice



22. Certifications? No need. Sanitation? Overrated. Affordable? You bet your teeth it is.

Source: Blogspots


23. Talking to jaanu whenever you want, wherever you want



24. Iss aunty kee priorities.


25. This is how Indians make sure they arrive on time.

Source: lolindian

The purpose of the article is NOT to be anti-India, so let’s try to go easy on the hate comments. Please, aap ko Katrina Kaif kee kasam.

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