21 Hilarious Pictures That Show There's Something Seriously Wrong With India

By Aam Nawab | 5 Mar, 2019

We’re not against our hamsaye. If anything, we think that relations between the two countries should improve. Some time ago, a story appeared in India about how there was something wrong in Pakistan. So…being the mango people we are, we decided to do a bit of digging. What we found, well you’ll simply have to judge for yourself.


1. Yeh hai customer service. Who says it’s limited to just humans?

Source: Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

2. Instead of heating the water, it’s smarter to wear a big ass sheet over yourself. Genius.

Via: Pinterest

3. Clearly, India needs the help of Ayesha Mumtaz – Pakistan’s Food Police Chief.

Source: dailymoss.com

4. Could have at least provided a seat belt for the child. What a selfish idiot.

Source: myindiapictures.com

5. Who needs a school bus when you can do this?

Putting these children’s safety at risk… there’s definitely something wrong with India.

Source: Marjon Comninos / Pinterest

6. Guess he’s been a little too inspired by Tamil movie stunts, someone needs to tell him that stuff is camera tricks.

Source: funnfunn.in

7. Someone should teach this guy that police danda leti nahi deti hai

Via: Pinterest

8. Hmm. This kid is too ahead of his age

Source: myindiapicture.com

9. Looks like we know what she watches during her free time. And no, it’s not Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Source: dailymoss.com

10. Tharki saaray (Except for Sachin)

Source: myindiapictures.com

11. Okay, seriously, how’s he going to fit that into his mouth?

Source: funnfunn.in

12. Just like the kind your Ammi used to give you growing up.

Source: mensxp.com

13. This is what’s called “using your head.” 

Source: teluguone.com

14. How can she slap???

Source: fun2video.com

15. Lucky Donkey

Source: shayariwala.in

16. This guy knows how to do multiple things at once

Source: funnfun.in

17. Thank you for the notice

Source: indiaopines.com

18. Talking to jaanu whenever you want, wherever you want

Source: shayariwala.in

19. Iss aunty kee priorities check karo

Source: scooppick.com

20. This is how Indians make sure they arrive on time.

Source: lolindian.com

21. India ka macchar bhi peeta hai

source: picdesi.com

The purpose of the article is NOT to be anti-India just to laugh about the absurdities, so let’s try to go easy on the hate comments. Please, aap ko Katrina Kaif kee kasam.


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Cover image via: businessinsider.in

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