We Asked People Where They Thought Babies Came From & Pakistanis Ka Toh Koi Haal Hee Nahi Hai 😂😂😂

By Biya Haq | 16 Oct, 2018

People really weren’t told the right things about where babies come from

Whether it’s the birds or the bees, many young Pakistanis (and old) do not know the inner workings of the human reproductive system. People in this country grow up without even knowing the ins and outs of their own bodies, without any form of sex eduaction. And lol, that leads to some pretty crazy assumptions.

These people didn’t know ‘where babies come from’, when they first realized that it’s a thing. And their responses are so ridiculous, you won’t even believe them.



“I thought that the doctor makes you have sex in front of her/him. They also have labs in which they help you conceive the baby.”

This is all of course due to a number of rules and regulations pushed on to society, with the one main principle, that sex is not allowed in Pakistan to unmarried younger Pakistanis. Moreover, sex education not being a more open subject of discussion leads to such reactions.

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Unfortunately, with this mindset^,

Comes another mindset.


“Kissing gives you babies. I was silly enough to think that until I found out the truth.”

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We reached out to you all to see where you first thought babies came from, and wow, just, wow.

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These responses are HILARIOUS, shocking and, quite franky, a bit concerning about the state of our education and “haww haye-ing” levels when it comes to sex ed

“Up until I was 16, even after taking Biology in O levels, I thought sex meant rubbing each other’s genitals against each other. When the guy cums ON your clit, you get pregnant.”

“You get pregnant if you are naked in a body of water with a man, courtesy of a rape scene in a Madhuri movie.”


“I thought if you do it twice at the same time, you get twins.”

Source: Tumblr

“Through angels :p”

“I thought that the babies come from the sky with a white light and drop on the hospital’s bed.”

“I was about 17 and this old woman at the laundry place said she never mixed her daughter’s laundry with her son’s because she thought she could get pregnant through the indirect touching of sperm.”


“Also, if you’re swimming and a tadpoles’ sperm go in you, you’ll have a frog baby.”

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“You get pregnant just by touching. Even just touching a woman.”

“I thought that Allah sent babies in trucks from heaven to the hospitals.”

“When I was younger, I believed a man and wife have to get naked and sleep straight on each other’s side, making sure the bellies touch. If you’re in that position, you conceive.”


“I used to think haath pakarnay se bachay hotay hain, agar 2 haath tou twins.”

“I used to think that the stomach magically opens by itself and the Doctor takes a baby out. Divine Intervention.”

“Babies are born after a man touches a woman’s boobs.”

“You can go to the hospital and bring a baby home.”

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“I was told the ‘male thing’ breaks after he’s done then grows it back for next time.”

THERE ya have it, folks, all the things people believed growing up about babies. Again, clearly why we need sex ed.

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Boy oh boy, this is why sex education is so important.


What do you think about the responses? Have any of your own? Let us know if you too agree that sex education is badly needed, in the comments below! Love you.


Disclaimer: Answers have been edited for length and clarity.


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