These British Cadets Singing The Pakistani National Anthem For Their Instructor Will Ignite Your Patriotism

By Haadia Paracha | 19 Feb, 2017

For the past few days, a video has been taking rounds on social media. The video has been posted on various Facebook groups and making everyone with a single patriotic bone tear up.


You see a line-up of British cadets dressed in military attire reading something aloud:


And they’re actually reciting the Pakistani national anthem as a means to pay their respects to their instructor:

To inspect further, MangoBaaz got in touch with the person who posted this video, Mr. Fahd Hadeed Malik in order to get some background and context. “The video is about a Major from Pakistan Army, who graduated from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst UK in 2007 with sword of honour. He came back and fought in Wazaristan for three years, then also fought at the Indian Border in Kashmir for a year”, he shares.

“And he is my brother.”


Major Uqbah Hadeed Malik is the first ever Muslim, first ever Pakistani and the only Foreign National instructor at the Royal Military Academy.

Source: The News Tribe

Other than Uqbah, two other foreign instructors, from the U.S. and Australia respectively, had been selected as instructors at the academy.


Royalty from all over the world comes to train at the Academy, one at which Major had the opportunity to be enrolled in the same batch as Prince William.

Source: Twitter

He was awarded the Overseas Sword of Honor due to the best overall results in Military, Academic and practical studies.


Speaking about his role at the Academy, he stated that this was a huge learning opportunity for the British cadets.

Source: Native Pakistan

“When you’re in the thick of the bullets and see your and your troops’ life in danger then real leadership skill needs to come out… that’s what I think I bring back with all the other British officers who go into Afghanistan and Iraq or other countries and have come back,” Major Malik is quoted to have said in an interview with BBC Asian Network.

Here is the video of the tear-jerker:

We’re very proud of your achievements, Major saab. Salute!

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