13 Board Games You Definitely Played That Made Your Bachpan So Much Fun

By Ather Ahmed | 9 Sep, 2017

If you grew up in Pakistan, you should know that board games were a pretty big deal. Back then mobile phones didn’t exist, the internet didn’t have much to offer and not everyone owned a video game console. So when it came to having your friends and cousins over for some good old communal fun, it was either board games or sports. Board games were a much safer option out of the two since it didn’t involved the risk of breaking a window that could earn you the wrath of the entire neighborhood.

In the spirit of nostalgia let us dig up our old toy chests and see what treasure we can unearth:


1. Ludo

Source: webchutney.pk

While everyone’s obsessing over Ludo Star now. The original board game, Ludo has managed to maintain its relevance in kids and adults alike. In fact dhaabas and chai cafes keep Ludo boards with them just in case customers want to indulge in some fun while enjoying their doodh pati.



2. Snakes and Ladders

Source: geocaching.com

Much like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders (or Saanp Seeri) also originated in the Subcontinent and both of them have always gone hand in hand. In fact if you turn a Ludo board upside down it’s usually Snakes and Ladders on the other side.

The rules are pretty basic, the end goal is to go all the way up with the number of steps you take corresponding to the number on the rolled die. Snakes mean you move backwards and ladders mean you move upwards.


3. Cluedo

Source: stereotag.com

Cluedo was a ground breaking game of its time. The game allowed you to actually live a murder mystery instead of just watching it on TV. Basically, instead of watching Sherlock you get to play him in real life. At the start of the game three cards representing: (1) the murderer, (2) the weapon used and (3) the place where it has been committed, are put at random in an envelope. The primary objective of the game is to deduce the cards in the envelope. There are six characters in total that also represent the players themselves.


4. Carrom

Source: we-love-games.net

Considering the amount of physicality required in playing it, Carrom is technically a sport. But since it’s played on a board I am going to add it to the list. The goal is clear, to pocket the disks with the color assigned to you and the queen(the red one) before the opponent.


5. Monopoly

Source: producthunt.com

Whenever money is involved, be it real or fake, it’s a recipe for disaster. There is not a single game of Monopoly in the history of mankind where a fight hasn’t ensued in the end. In fact, I think every game of Monopoly hasn’t had a clear winner since there was always that one person that decided to scramble the board out of anger. The banker was always accused of stealing and in most cases he or she actually was.


6. Scrabble

Source: haywoodroad.uk

This game is responsible for increasing the English vocabulary of an entire generation of Pakistanis. This is one game that your parents actually encourage you to play to the point that at times you at times hated it.


7. Draughts

Source: znbc.com

This a game for everyone who aspires to play chess but lacks the intellectual capacity to do so. The main objective is to eliminate all of the other players tokens.


8. Chess

Source: thechessstore.com

While the rules are not that difficult to understand the actual game play requires sharp intellect. In a game of chess you always have to be thinking ten steps ahead.


9. Chinese Checkers

Source: amazon.com

Basically like draughts but can have a maximum six players at a time. It also is rumored to have Chinese origins, hence the name.


10. Risk

Source: rulesofplay.com

Before you had war based strategy video games like Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, Command and Conquer series, and Civilization, there was Risk.

The rules were pretty complicated but once you developed a clear understanding of them it was a fun experience. At times you actually thought that you were leading an entire country towards world domination.


11. Mastermind

Source: susandesign.com

Basically one player decides a combination of colored pegs placed in an order while the other has to guess it in limited number of chances. Each guess results in the code maker ( the one who decides the combination) giving his feedback without completely revealing the answer. It sounds more complicated than it actually is trust me.


12. Sorry

Source: wikimedia.org

Sorry! is a board game that is based on the ancient cross and circle game Pachisi. Players try to travel around the board with their pieces faster than any other player. The game is for two to four games, it’s a match between Monopoly and Ludo and equally, if not more, fun.


13. Batman

Source: gameslords.com

For all the DC fans out there, a board game for Batman does exist. You guys can finally sleep peacefully because Batman is out to save the world for you.


What board games did you play in your bachpan?


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