There Were Rumors Last Night That Former President Musharraf Passed Away And People Got Really Concerned

By Bisma Rizwan | 30 May, 2019

Rumors circulated last night of President Musharraf being dead and people got really concerned

General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s infamous military dictator and former president has been in and out of the news due to his recent health conditions. He has allegedly been diagnosed of a rare disease called amyloidosis, due to which broken protein starts getting deposited in various organs.


Earlier this month President Musharraf was shifted to a hospital as an “emergency” in Dubai and had been advised complete bed rest by doctors till his recovery

All Pakistan Muslim League’s Overseas President Afzaal Siddiqui disclosed that the disease had “weakened his nervous system,” when the former president was first diagnosed. Upon his full recovery, he intended to return to Pakistan.



Yesterday, President Musharraf was allegedly again admitted to the ICU in Dubai following his critical condition.


And a few hours later, according to unconfirmed sources, the news broke out that the former President may have passed away


At this point of time, no official source has covered the news so it’s all a speculation based on WhatsApp forwarded dubious sources


And people aren’t exactly sure of the entire situation


Naturally, the news has gotten people a little worried across the nation


However, according to a journalist, Aniqa Nisar, the former president is still alive and she has confirmed the news from her sources


While there are other accounts calling out the news for being fake, too

At this point of time, we’re not exactly sure if Musharraf is alive. But amidst the confusion, we genuinely wish him a speedy recovery in case the entire situation turns out to be a rumor.


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