The 13 Seriously Emotional AF Stages Of Winging Your Eyeliner

By Kashaf | 6 Feb, 2018

Almost every girl knows the pain of winging your eyeliner. From the highs and lows to deciding that you can’t even leave the house because your makeup looks so bad, we’ve been through it all. Perhaps at times, we’re just being dramatic but it’s truly a beautiful moment when you’ve perfected the art of being able to pull off the perfect winged eyeliner. Here are some of the stages of doing your eyeliner that you’ll completely understand:


Stage One

Mentally prepare yourself that you’ll be doing an extremely difficult task. You give yourself a little pep talk, “You got this girl!”

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source: Warner Bros. Television


Stage Two

You take a few deep breaths and start warming up your arms and hands. It’s going to be a tough battle but you’re READY.

source: OK! Pakistan


Stage Three

You start to prepare your work area. You make sure that you have plenty of tissues, makeup removing wipes, and Q-tips available.

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Stage Four

It’s time to pick up your weapon. You now have the eyeliner in your grip. You start to practice on the back of your hand, making sure that the liner is working.

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source: Tati Westbrook/ Youtube


Stage Five

You’re feeling super determined you take a look at yourself in the mirror and get started. You start with one eye and draw the wing. You got this.

source: Maddock Films



Stage Six

As you’re finishing up the eyeliner on the first eye, you start to notice a few mistakes. You are now frustrated and anxious. The more you look at the black line on your eyelid the worse it looks. You start to see more mistakes and then nothing looks right.

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Stage Seven

You feel like the ultimate failure. Not only have you ruined your eye makeup, you’ve also ruined your face makeup with your tears.

source: Done and Done Productions



Stage Eight

After a mini breakdown, you pull yourself together and are determined as ever. You have makeup removers in one hand and your liner ready in the other. You fix up the eye and feel a wave of relief. YOU’RE DONE WITH ONE EYE!

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source: Ryan Murphy Productions


Stage Nine

You’re feeling unstoppable. You take a look at the wing and are ready to duplicate it on your other eye. You start with the wing…..and mess up immediately. You remind yourself to not give up.  Just put those makeup wipes to use, erase your mistakes, and start again. You can do it.

Pakistani model Zara Peerzada
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Stage Ten

You have faith in yourself. You try again and TADA you’re finished with the second eye. You now participate in a five-minute happy dance.

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source: TLC Entertainment


Stage Eleven

You’re back in front of the mirror and admire your work of art. You then realize that the wings of both eyes are completely different shapes and your left eye’s liner is thicker than the right eye’s.

You might look like a clown who just went through a car wash, but at least you're a FINE-ASS CLOWN who went through a car wash.
source: Warner Bros.

Stage Twelve

You can’t believe your luck. You are short on time and don’t know what to do. You grab the eyeliner and start to thicken the right eye’s liner. It’s too late to start over.



Stage Thirteen

At this point, the liner looks somewhat similar on both eyes so you accept your fate. You decide that you look flawless no matter what. You’re already three hours late to the party so you blow yourself a kiss and head out the door.

source: beyoncevevo/ Youtube


How is your experience with winged eyeliner?

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