People Are Just Realizing That The Governor House In Murree Has GOLD PLATED Toilets, Oh Yeah

By Kashaf | 31 Oct, 2017

You know how everyone rants about the politicians being super rich and living in the lap of luxury without a care or understanding of what the rest of us plebeians have to go through? I mean, some of us are still very privileged but still nothing, I repeat NOTHING, like the way some of high flying leaders have. The recently renovated Governor House in Murree has kinda sorta exposed how our politicians are LITERALLY living (and shitting) in the lap of luxury.


The Governor House in Murree has recently been renovated with gold plated toilets and royal luxuries costing Rs. 600 million, only (lol)

Hmmm wonder where they got all that money.


PPP Senator Sherry Rehman tweeted that the renovations will be costing Rs. 60 crore

Ahhhh the sweet smell of corruption.

Source: @azharpanni / Twitter


The renovations are complete with crystal chandeliers, Persian rugs, and handcrafted furniture

Source: @azharpanni / Twitter


Pakistanis are seriously frustrated as to why the government is wasting millions of taxpayer’s rupees for a luxurious renovation of a house; instead of using that money for the good of the country


Some were confused why the toilets are gold, but the lota isn’t

Ali Gul Pir, always asking the right questions.


Who cares about the general public – at least the government gets to shit on actual gold



What are your thoughts on the gold plated tutti khaana at the Governor House? Would you want to stay here?

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