13 Ways To Respond To Someone Who Says “I Love You” To You

By Arslan Athar | 1 Aug, 2016

Before you ‘astaghfaar‘ at this, literally everyone has been or is in a relationship, and if you’re not, you want to be in one, so calm the eff down. Now, the three magical words, ‘I Love You’ may not always be so magical. The question is, how do you get out of that situation.

Not to worry, these replies will become your ‘go to’ guide:


1. “Sorry, kiyaaa? Khala ko btati hun abhi.”

Well they had it coming, dating for 2 years and they had the jurrat to say that! Tauba.

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2. “Shhh, you don’t mean that!”

You need to be 100% (or more) sure, commitment bari hai.

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3.”I love you too, bhai.”

Want to hurt someone? This is the quickest way to do so!

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4. ‘Hahaha, high five!’

Ease out the situation with a high five, or a fist bump. Bro it out!

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5. ‘I love…..biryani’

Food is universally loved! Also considering that now your relationship is over, better to start over fresh, right? And biryani always loves you back.

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6. “Emotion is for the weak.”

*grunt like a weightlifter and leave*

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7. “Love is a chemical reaction in the brain, don’t think too much about it.”

Nerd the sh*t out of that lover. Make them a disbeliever in the concept of pyaar.

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8. “Bhook lag rahi hai!”

Hunger trumps love, any day. Anyone who doesn’t understand that doesn’t deserve to be in your life. And it’s always a good distraction.

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9. “Can’t blame you for feeling this way. Mein cheez barri hun mast mast.”

You are the most awesome person you know.

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10. “Get in line, aap se aagay abhi 17 log hain aur.

Your dodging game needs to be good, there will be a thappar on it’s way.

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11. “Meri baat bachpan mein hi Phupho ke ghar hogai hui hai

Damn Phupho.

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12. “New phone, lost all my contacts. Who dis?”

Fake it till you make it.

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13. And if nothing else works, just shoot yourself…with a finger gun

To top it off, pretend to be dead for a while, that is until they leave out of embarrassment.

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Never shy away from an opportunity to be bae-sharam and bae-haya. Being in love is serious business and you may not be ready for it, so khisak jao with these responses.


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Cover Image via: ARY News TV

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