The 2019 Color Of The Year Is Here And Here Are All The Ways You Can Style It

By Arslan Athar | 7 Dec, 2018

This year’s choice is coral. Right before the new year starts, Pantone releases what it thinks is going to be the ‘Color of the Year’. This selection has implications on, well, everything. From the decor, to what color mug you might buy. The implication that we’re interested in is, of course, fashion.

Pantone is a company based out of New York state. They are the company that makes these large scale paint swatches and are in the business of ink production. They expanded into curating palettes for the season, and when they got recognition for that, they started to pick out the color of the year!

The color for 2018 was Ultra Violet.


The color for 2019 was announced and it’s G O R G E O U S 


Coral is quite the versatile color and can be used in oh so many ways.

If you’re wondering how to use this color in your wardrobe this coming year, don’t worry, we got you covered! 

Let’s start with desi, shall we? 

Kurtas are a great way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe, that too, your daily wardrobe.

Source: Tena Durrani

If you’re not comfortable going FULL coral, you can add the color in with your dupatta

Source: Tarzz

The color is pretty light on it’s own, so a lot of the desi options that will be available will feature white prints on top, or something with green. 


Coral can also be defined as a complimentary color. 

That just means, it’s a color that can pop up when paired with a darker color than itself. A perfect example of that is this pairing of coral with blue.

Source: Tarzz

The pairing can be with a lighter shade of blue, for example, for a deeper shade also


With formal wear, again, you can choose to layer coral in, rather than going full force with it 


This past few seasons, pastels have been ‘in’, especially when it comes to shaadi wear. 

Corals fit right in with that trend, so yeah. that’s uh-mazing


Coral lends itself to a lot of different style of clothing. Outside of desi clothing, the color has a lot of use in Western wear


Coral pants work best with either a black or white shirt, or even a printed shirt. 

With the last option, make sure these are colors that work with coral, otherwise they’ll be clashing way too much.


The color can also used in a blazer and honestly, they look hot as heck


The main point of ALL of this is that you can have a lot of fun with this color. Just experiment and you’ll be surprised at the looks you’ll be able to pull off


Other than clothes, coral can be used as an accessory. From bags, to bracelets and even rings 


So, if you’re planning to incorporate the color of the year in your wardrobe, remember a few things. Firstly, don’t be scared of the color, if you feel like it won’t suit you, then maybe find ways to slowly build it on. Wear a coral bag, or have some coral earrings on, or maybe even go as little as adding a coral patti on your next kurta. 

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