Sexist Things Pakistanis Say on a Daily Basis That They Should Maybe, Definitely Stop Saying

By Warda Baig | 10 May, 2017

We live in the 21st century so it’s about time we stopped demeaning women by saying all the sexist stuff that we do on a daily basis.


1. Bad driving – larki hi hogi

Whether a car is parked in the middle of the road or being driven at snail pace in the fast-lane, the accusation is always one and the same: Zarur koi larki drive ker rahi hogi.

Being a female driver in Pakistan comes with its undue cost even if that means having to swear like a pirate every time you go behind the wheel.

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2. Engineering – engineering kerkay kya kerna hai?

A rarer sight than a dinosaur walking around the zoo is a woman enrolled in an engineering degree. That’s what our enlightened moderates still like to believe. Upon discovering your choice of majors, they’re prompted to ask: “Engineering ker kay kya kerna hai?” which is usually complemented by a sneer that makes you want to smack them in the face.

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Your soch.

3. Job? Allah ka diya sub kuch hai. Can I not fulfill your shopping-needs?

Another interesting assumption most men in our society are obsessed with is that women pursue a career just for the sake adding more bucks to the household income. So technically if the man’s salary suffices to make ends meet, there’s supposedly no point of the wife working because what are career aspirations even? You can only have kitchen aspirations.

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4. Cooking – you had one job!

Speaking of kitchen aspirations, the belief is rather strongly grounded in our society even if it’s found in somewhat muted tones in the educated circles. Exhibit A, this grossly sexist ad by Brite Detergent.

Punchline: “Jiska kaam hai agar wohi karay toh ziada acha hai.” (Referring to a man trying to cook a meal in the women-only zone a.k.a the Kitchen)



5. Career counseling.

Endless condescending talks on how Human Resources is an acceptable and socially appropriate field for women whereas, areas like Marketing and Sales are too “out there” for a demure Eastern lady.

khabees orat
Source: Khabees Orat

6. Girls gossip. 

A girl’s mind can cook up nothing better than pointless drama – a commonly held belief.

Fine, we do like to indulge in entertaining chitchat sessions about other people’s lives or even our own, but I don’t see how that’s anymore destructive than married men talking about the curves on their hot new colleague.

khabees orat
Source: Khabees Orat

7. Girl gets promoted – must’ve used her gender.

So your female colleague gets promoted to the position you have been eyeing since forever. Desperately trying to rescue yourself from self-shaming you need to find a reason to justify this injustice fate served you. In your heart of hearts you know she used her womanly charm to lure the boss into promoting her and you won’t shy away from voicing your rotten assumptions in public.

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8. If you don’t dress provocatively, men won’t stare.

Some people, including mid-life crisis-facing aunties even, love to believe that if a girl is dressed modestly she won’t invite undue attention by the good-for-nothing loiterers that so frequently invade your personal space in public. So, basically if a woman is all dressed up, she can’t blame the laundas for those ghooriyan because she obviously wants random people on the street to mentally scan her.

Source: Khabees Orat

9. Women don’t belong in public places.

This is why the #girlsatdhabas hashtag turned into a movement. Women cannot roam about aimlessly or have a cuppa karrak chai at a roadside dhaba because…well…just because. No one has a reasonable explanation for this segregation but why would a girl want to have chai at an open dhaba anyway or wander uselessly when she can balance both by walking back and forth in the kitchen as she makes a piping hot cup of tea for her husband.

Source: Girls at Dhabbas 

10. You’re PMS-ing.

Apparently a woman cannot lose her shit until and unless a visit from Aunt Flo is expected.

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11. Khana pakana seekh rahi ho?

Be it your prospective husband, your other guy friends, or aunties for that matter, the first and foremost question you’d be asked as you begin your wedding preps is whether you’ve joined a culinary school to brush up on your skills or not.

12. They’re Complicated Creatures

Probably the biggest farce of the century. Women might be complicated in the sense of wanting attention without demanding it outright, but you know what’s more complicated than wanting attention? Getting together with the love of your life and flirting around with other women.

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