18 Terribly Gross Things Every Girl Does That Will Make You Say “Yuck!”

18 Terribly Gross Things Every Girl Does That Will Make You Say “Yuck!”

Girls are supposed to be mysterious creatures that go to the restroom in pairs and discuss unicorns in quite whispers but little is known about the things that go on behind closed doors, when nobody’s watching. Not many people realize that girls are also super lazy but at the same time they are cool enough to have maintained their image of sophistication in front of the world by managing to look cute despite all this dirty business going on.

Here are a few gross things all you girls must have done at some point:


1. Not wash her makeup brushes…EVER

People seriously wash it after every use? Who even has the time? As long as they are my own germs, I guess it’s okay? Or maybe that’s why I keep breaking out?

Source: labbunny.com


2. Fiddling with her pimples and getting insanely satisfied by popping them

Source: youtube.com


3. Wearing dry shampoo when she has unwashed oily hair 


4. Re-use cottons swabs and Q tips from yesterday to fix her makeup routines because who really cares


5. When she gets a blow-dry done from the parlor, not washing it for the next three days because it looks amazing and like, you paid for it


6. Not really washing her face in the morning on Sundays…or when she doesn’t have to go somewhere

Source: tumblr.com


7. Getting satisfied when applying toner and seeing the cotton swab turn brown with the dust coming off 


8. Pulling out her ingrown hair and enjoying it

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9. Nail polish picking


10. Examining how oily her face is by rubbing her fingers on her nose

And then scraping all that oil off of it.

Source: defymedia.com


11. Using expired makeup away


12. In times of desperate need, using thook to fix mascara and eyeliner


13. Not getting her body waxed in winters kyunke sardiiii


14. Peeling dead skin off her lips 

Source: elle.com


15. Using her dupatta as a tissue/towel and what not

Source: tumblr.com


16. Going to sleep with a full face of makeup 

Aik tu neend bohat aati hai, uper se sardion mein thanda paani.

Source: scoopwhoop.com


 17. Inspecting her blackheads in the mirror in sunlight and picking on them

Source: tumblr.com


18. Picking at her split ends 

Source: lifemartini.com

What other gross stuff do you do, ladies?

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