Pakistanis Narrated Stories Of Being Bullied By Their Teachers And The're Horrifying

By Haadia Paracha | 14 Mar, 2017

Being bullied by teachers is a widespread issue that students are finally speaking up about

Whenever we talk about bullying, we always take into account the systematic cycle where victims are targeted starting from a very young age. This is often dismissed as peers taking friendly jabs at each other but perhaps equally scarring, if not more, if when figures of authority do the same. Many students have to deal with being bullied by teachers and instructors, those who have been entrusted to build their confidence end up leaving permanent psychological scars.

We asked a few people to recount stories of being bullied at school by their principals and teachers and here we’ll share a few:


1. I wasn’t just bullied by teachers, the principal once made me wear a banner that read, “I’m a donkey, I keep laughing.” 

bullied by teachers
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I had to roam the school and make rounds of each individual class.


2. “I was bullied by one of my class teachers who brought nail polish to school to put on boys who were unruly. I was the first one to get my nails painted.”

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Even the slightest proof of being effeminate was taken as a punishment. I was laughed at both inside and outside school premises.


3. “They put hair clips on my hair and I had to keep them on during the sports period.”

bullied by teachers for having long hair
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It seems trivial now but growing up, it being even the slightest effeminate made you a laughing stock.


4. “The whole school was bullied by teachers who brought a barber to school who gave us a haircut during the assembly”

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I just kept my head down.


5. “My teacher put red chili flakes in my mouth even though I wasn’t the one who swore.”

I guess it doesn’t matter whether I swore or someone else did.

I was 12 years old.


6. “Oh yeah we were bullied by our teachers for sure, whenever anything at school broke, we had to bring six of those”



7. “I never used to talk much in class because the principal’s office was just next door and the moment I would participate in class, he would come to personally tell me off.”

You have a very gruff voice, you should stay quiet.


8. “Our punishments included the teacher smacking us with a ruler on our palm for getting the Urdu imla wrong.”

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9. “Two minutes late and we were sent home.”

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My siblings and I had to hide behind the house for the rest of the time to avoid getting into trouble at home.


10. “I got whacked by a horse stick multiple times”

He was carrying it around one day and decided to use it by whacking me with it every time I did something that wasn’t to his liking.


11. “She would throw notebooks across the room all the way from her table if you hadn’t drawn margins on both sides”

The real walk of shame was going over and fetching the notebooks while she threw insults at us.


Do you have any horrible childhood stories about getting bullied by teachers to share with us? Add to the comments section below and we might just feature your story, as well.


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