19 Adorable Images Of Taimur Ali Khan For Everyone Whose Obsessed With Him

By Sarah Babar | 7 Dec, 2017

Taimur Ali Khan aka Chotte Nawab has been the talk of every desi town there’s out there. He’s the Prince George of the subcontinent. And what’s more? He’s actual royalty, as well! With his Pataudi blood and Kashmiri roots, this kid is the most beautiful human specimen out there. So here are just some images if you are just as obsessed with the little one as we are


1. Let’s just start with when Chotte Nawab came into this world

Source: @bebelove / Instagram


2. Wittle baby he laff

Source: @taimuralikhanlove /Instagram


3. He cri

Source: @taimuralikhanlove /Instagram


4. He snooze

Source: @taimuralikhanlove / Instagram


5. And he plays with random things

Source: @taimuralikhanlove / Instagram


6. Look at this little celebrity getting used to the flashing lights

Source: @taimuralikhanlove / Instagram


7. That lower lip is everything

Source: @bebe.fc / Instagram


8. Chhote Nawab also spends a lot of quality time with mummy

Source: @daahfilms / Instagram



Source: @tweetistan / Instagram


10. And that coordination with daddy

Source: @tribuneedit / Instagram


11. Even half of chotu’s face is twice as cute

Source: @tagpostweet / Instagram


12. His pout game is already ~on point~

Source: @thecuratedzone / Instagram


13. Just that gaze can pierce a million souls

Source: @taimuralikhanlove / Instagram


14. So whether it is posing for the cameras with Bebo

Source: @taimuralikhanlove / Instagram


15. Or with his dapper father

Source: @taimuralikhanlove / Instagram


16. Or even making googly eyes at his mum

Source: @taimuralikhanlove / Instagram


17. Taimur Ali Khan is definitely one of the cutest beings in the world

Source: @taimuralikhanlove / Instagram


18. You know it’s a cute sight when Taimur Ali Khan tries looking past his chubbies to play with a flower

Source: @karishma._143 / Instagram


19. And he’s growing up so fast :’)

Source: @taimuralikhanlove / Instagram


Sooo, how cute do you think this little Pataudi is?

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