We Asked Pakistanis About The Sweetest Things They Did For Their Fathers And Just, Aww

By Mehwish A. W. | 17 Jun, 2018

Fathers are a special gift we get when we come into this world. Our father is our hero who actively teaches us important life skills and who is there for us whenever we need him. Fathers may seem strict or misunderstanding at times, but they certainly think and do their best for us.

For all that they do on a daily basis for us, they definitely deserve some serious appreciation and recognition on our part.

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In honor of Father’s Day, we asked Pakistani people to share the sweetest thing they did for their fathers.

From taking care of their fathers when they are ill to gifting them their favorite book, Pakistani kids’ stories show that they love their fathers a lot and try their best to show them that they are valued and important in their children’s lives.

Sehrish Azhar recalled something sweet she did on her father’s birthday:

“On one of his birthdays, I took out all of his childhood pictures, selected a few of the most memorable ones and made a collage. Surprised him by making a frame out of it and also posting it on Facebook. He was really surprised and excited. Later in the day, he went down the memory lane once again and told me the background for each picture”

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Sahar Sallahuddin went down memory lane and had many adorable things to share:

“When I was a kid I used to do his makeup… I used to travel everywhere with him just because whenever he traveled and left me back home I used to get a high-grade fever. I used to write him letters and used to put 50 Paisa, Rs. 1 and Rs. 2 notes in that letter, sweets and Calcium wali orange tablets. I kissed him throughout the day and couldn’t sleep unless I kissed him goodnight zor say. I make him take his medicine. Always make his birthday special, and call him by many pet names.

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Ayesha Minahil also recollected memories from her childhood:

“When I was 3 or 4 years old he would come back from the office. I would take off his shoes and socks too. And after dinner I would climb up behind his back and play with his hair (he was going bald he literally had 50 something strands) and massage his shoulders”

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Alisha Shakeel did something really cute:

LOL. Sweet!

Irum Gilani did something extraordinary for her father. Here is what she tells us:

“He passed away when I was 16 so wasn’t able to do anything for him, though he did everything he could to make us happy till his last breath. The sweetest thing that I can think of that I did for him was after his demise. I constructed a mosque near his resting place so that he can proudly claim his home in Jannah. I miss him a lot.”

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Owais Bin Asad had a funny yet sweet thing to share:

“I let him smoke in my bathroom so mama doesn’t find out and blames it on me. Then I deodorized the bathroom and put all the clothes in the laundry. No trace left behind.”

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(Note: MangoBaaz does not endorse smoking.)

Afsheen Afzal got her father some cookies from her first salary:

“From my first extremely meager salary bought his favorite cookies and gifted them to him.”

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Hira Saeed joked that the sweetest thing she did for her father was being born. However, she had more to share:

“My mom wasn’t letting him go to the Pakistan tour alone. I helped him in getting permission by plotting a fake story.”

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Momina did something amazing for her father on his birthday:

“I got his car serviced on his birthday because I know how much he loves it and just how much he hates waiting in line to get it tweaked.”

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Zoha also shared something sweet she did for her father:

“I participated in a contest for him because the prize was something he wanted for a long time but was too pricey.”

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Salma Kazi recollected how she and her siblings cheered her father up:

“On Father’s Day we bought some gifts for Papa. On his way coming back from the office somebody sent a message to my father about Father’s day and that made him sad because Dada died when my father was young. When he came back home we all ran towards him to hug and wish him. He became happy and emotional.”

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Bilal also shared his fond memories:

“I put a note in his briefcase or coat pocket with sweet and loving words for him. Whenever he used to find them it would make him smile and he would kiss me when he came home.”

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I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Manal Shah also did a sweet little thing for her father:

“I had my exams going on so I couldn’t make his Sehri. But just before my last paper, I made his Sehri, knocked on his door and surprised him. He wasn’t expecting it!”

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Arham shared how his father was delighted to ride his son’s car.

“When I got promoted, I got my car and asked him to drive it for the first time. He was truly joyful. That was the sweetest thing I did, I believe.”

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However, Aisha Nabeel had this sudden realization:

“After you’ve asked this question I’m feeling I haven’t done anything for him … All I can recall is how much he has done for us.”

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That’s true. No matter how much we do for our fathers, we cannot compare to what they’ve done for us. Regardless, these are some heartwarming stories and we’re super grateful that people shared them with us. Do you remember the sweetest thing YOU did for your dad? Let us know in the comments section below.


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