Here Are 11 Of The Greatest Men's Fashion Designers In Pakistan That Will Blow You Away

By Asad | 18 Mar, 2018

Pakistan is known to be one of the fastest growing fashion industries in the world. Although women’s fashion has taken off for many years, recently men’s designers have peaked as well. Lately, men have become conscious about their dressing and are starting to demand more designer clothing and is probably why we have a number of top male designers in the fashion industry now. If you’re a launda and don’t know about top notch men designers in Pakistan, here are a few of them:


1. Amir Adnan


Amir Adnan is a well known Pakistan fashion label for men clothing established in 1990. It is known to be Pakistan’s first international menswear. Amir Adnan is most famous for designing men sherwani giving a new touch to men’s tradition and for reviving the concept of sherwani in the modern fashion which got buried with Maharajas and lords.


2. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)


HSY is a famous and emerging fashion label started by Hassan Sheheryar Yasin in 2000. He is a famous fashion designer and a choreographer. HSY is known for his remarkable collection who contributed to national and universal designer shows. HSY is considered to be the in the top six Central Asian brands.


3. Ammar Belal


Ammar Belal is an eminent designer who started his career in 2002 by launching a made to measure denim label and now works internationally. Ammar has a sense of multicultural men’s designs by keeping in mind the new trends in fashion.


4. Deepak Parwani


Deepak Parwani is a Pakistani Fashion Designer as well as an actor who is famous for his men’s designs. Deepak is a pioneer for male fashion and is highly praised for his formal lines. He has participated in various international fashion shows. If not the best, he surely is amongst the greatest Pakistani designers.


5. Ismail Farid


Ismail is one of the many men designers in Pakistan is blessed with. Known for his elegance and class Ismail has made quite the mark in men’s fashion. The perfect words describe his signature would be his, “Simple but classy clothes that remain timeless.”


6. Ali Xeeshan


Ali Xeeshan is someone who’s always amongst the headlines of the fashion industry not only for his designs but for creative ideas. Through his crazy choices of colors and designs for formal wear for men he has been able to create a unique identity in the Pakistani industry which has earned him not only fame but a vast set of audiences.


7. Nomi Ansari


Since the launch of this brand in 2001, it has become one of the most sought-after designer labels in Pakistan. Nomi Ansari is a radiant designer who took part in various designer shows and has developed prevalence in designing universally. Nomi’s label can be seen throughout the world including Dubai, Canada, USA, UK and the Middle East.


8. Umar Sayeed


Umar Sayeed is one of a significant fashion designer of Pakistan well known for haute couture. His designs are full of glamour and elegance and has managed to dominate the fashion industry for 20 years. The collection of Umar Sayeed consists of jackets, embroidered shirts, and sherwanis.


9. Munib Nawaz


Munib Nawaz solely works on designing menswear which was established in 2003. He is one of the progressive fashion label of Pakistan designing menswear puts life into fashion and style in the world. A number of famous actors and celebrities have endorsed his brand. If you’re looking for what’s trending, he’s your guy.


10. Fahad Hussayn


Fahad Hussayn is both a fashion designer with a focus on bridal and formal wear. He has been nominated for the Lux Style Awards for menswear deigning. Fahad has developed an extensive form of work in the east and west because of his ambition and has become one of the most sought-after designers in the country.


11. Aijaz Aslam

Image result for aijaz aslam designer

Aijaz Aslam is an esteemed actor and a fashion designer. After his success in drama industry and being a fashion model, he started his own business of fashion designing. He is renowned for his traditional as well as western menswear. His designs develop a sense of elegance always coming up with more innovative ideas.


Now would be a good time update your wardrobe if you’re a guy and you have a wide range of quality designers to choose from. Who’s your favorite men’s designer?


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