Here's How The Supermoon May Have Affected Your Zodiac Sign This Month

By Biya Haq | 5 Dec, 2017

If you’ve looked outside the past couple of days (especially Sunday), you might have noticed how MASSIVE the moon looked


It was HUGE in Pakistan and a lot of people noticed how beautiful it looked

Don’t worry, there was nothing wrong with your eyes and you were not just seeing things.


This natural phenomena was called the Supermoon and it was the last one of 2017

What does this mean? Well, simply put, because of pure coincidence, the moon was the closest to the earth it would ever be as a full moon. It’s as simple as that.

And though it may have looked STUNNING and incredible, the Supermoon effected much more than our Insta feeds and Snapchat stories. So just in case you feel a little different this month, now you know why.


The Supermoon will have an effect on every zodiac sign too:



Courage is going to MAJORLY be on your side, Aries. Even though you are brave by nature, the next couple of days is going to give you a push in accomplishing or reaching out to pursue a goal you may have been a little too scared to.



You’re gonna want to follow your gut in the next couple of days, Taurus. Whether you’ve been having some trust issues, anxiety issues or some worry in the back of your mind – the truth will reveal itself soon enough, Make sure you keep your eyes open and your gut feeling nice and strong. Trust your instincts, they’ll help you out.



Ohh Gemini, it has been tough for you lately. You may feel like life hasn’t been the fairest to you in recent months but don’t you worry, things are about to change. Maybe not at first, but watch out for some better times in the second half of this month. Things are bound to look up, just make sure you don’t get discouraged, help is on the way.



Cancer’s we’ve got some good news for you. Since your ruling planet is the moon, be ready to get a sudden surge of energy. This is your time to thrive. However, even though your head may be in the stars, now is the time to stay down to earth. Be thankful for everything that will be coming your way, people will notice.



Hey Leo, so this month is going to be a little tough on your feelings. You are a little sensitive to begin with and while that’s a great thing, the intensification of the moon is going to make things a little challenging for you. But don’t you worry, now that we know that, all you have to do is make this month about yourself. Try and keep yourself out of sticky situations and stay clear of anything that may mess with your emotional health. Don’t worry, you’re gonna be okay. Love you.



With the craziness of wedding season and the busy winter months in general, your ace organisation skills will be kicked into high gear ASAP. Of course, being so that things will be so out of hand, things may not always go as planned. DON’T WORRY. Best advice? Try and keep some structure in the beginning but as things go on, don’t be afraid to lose some control.



Libra, you are usually on top of your game when it comes to navigating your life. It doesn’t matter what may be happening around you, you know your course and you stick to it. Unfortunately, the craziness of the moon may throw you off in the coming month. But know that though things may get a little crazy, it’s only temporary. You’ll be back to your thriving life in no time.



Okay Scorpio, it is time to act. Whether it’s a trip, a relationship or a new class you’ve been curious about – now is the time to act. Don’t worry, the effects of the Supermoon will give you the courage and push to tackle it all. It’s gonna be an exciting time for you loves, get ready for it.



This Supermoon may mess with your head a little bit this month. Everything from questioning your work schedule to the way you function on a day to day basis. But hey! This doesn’t mean your doing anything wrong, it just means you get to take a step back to take a look at your life  and reevaluate another way to live it.



Hey Cap, the Supermoon is going to make this month an uphill battle for you. We can’t say in which field exactly, but just mentally prepare yourself for a bit of a challenging time. However, as all things in life – nothing lasts forever. Don’t be discouraged and know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. YOU’VE GOT THIS.



This month may be a bit difficult for you in terms of cloudy judgments. You may not be able to be completely set in your decisions in the coming weeks but that’s totally fine. No one in life ever has the answers to everything and they’re not meant to! Trust your judgments, your gut and most of all in the fact that whatever is supposed to happen in your life, will find it’s way to you.



Pisces, this is the month of PARTAY. Full of energy and positive vibes, this month is going to be a blast for you. However where there’s work, there’s play. Careful of how things are going because even though having fun is well, fun, lol – be sure not to spread yourself too thin when it comes to work and party balance.


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