21 Typically Pakistani Things That Foreigners Probably Find Extremely Weird

By Biya Haq | 23 Nov, 2018

Wait, how do you speak English so well?

– Kill me.

When Pakistanis go away to the states, or anywhere abroad – there seems to be a number of things about our culture that may come up in conversation that evidently FREAK the fuck out of foreigners.

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Okay, maybe not that dramatic, just surprised to hear something so different than what they already know.

Everything from our wedding traditions to our ‘timeliness,’ it’s a pretty wild world for them. Though it can be slightly annoying and close-minded, it can also be extremely entertaining.


So without further ado, here are just some of the things that are super bizarre for foreigners to hear about Pakistan.

1. We marry our cousins sometimes.

Source: Deenga.com

This is an especially fun one to try and explain.

2. Shaadi season lasts 12 months.

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That’s right, ALL year.

3. There’s no such thing as ‘being on time.’

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If we have clocks, they’re just for show.

4. People have cooks, drivers and even guards here.

Source: deenga.com

It’s a pretty common job to have around here, pays relatively well and is not considered bougie.

5. Virtually every house in the country has a gate.

Source: Shaan Foods

Again, not bougie, just how it is here.

6. Men live at home FOREVER.

Source: deenga.com

And it’s considered a great thing.

7. Women have to move in with their in-laws right after getting married.

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Like, straight from the wedding hall.

8. One wedding can last for a month.

Source: deenga.com

Annnnd you get separate joras for every event made.

9. You can customize every outfit through the hands of a tailor.

Source: deenga.com

Little do they know the fresh hell this is…

10. People are IN your business.

Source: deenga.com

Nosiness takes a WHOLE new meaning in Pakistan. It’s pretty much a way of life that everyone is born into.

11. Lotas.

Source: Amazon UK

They don’t get it. They SHOULD, but they don’t.

12. Muslim showers.

Source: British Bathroom Company

Again. World’s best invention. They SHOULD get it. But again. Don’t.

13. Levels of thukaluf.

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It’s pretty offensive when you don’t offer someone a cup of chai at least 4 times.

14. ‘Everyone knows everyone’ is not just a quaint saying here.

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FBI has NOTHING on an aunty with the will to find out some intel.

15. No such thing as driving rules/sense/etiquette.

Source: MangoBaaz

Learn to drive here, you can drive anywhere.


Via: Deenga

The secret dons of Pakistan, Rishta Aunties run the true game here.

17. The concept of an arranged marriage.


Or the fact that nowadays it’s basically just known as, ‘halal dating.’

18. Guys and girls are definitely not on the same level.

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Everything from expectations to double standards. Actually, lmao, the world gets this one.

19. You are not in constant fear for your life.

Source: Deenga

Like, relax.

20. Everyone you meet will treat you like family.

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Get ready for the world’s warmest form of hospitality.

21. The fact that despite what’s said in the news, Pakistan is the best place in the world to live.

Source: Deenga.com

The absolute best.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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