These Are The Signs That Someone You Know May Be Thinking About Suicide

By Arslan Athar | 3 May, 2017

Suicide is scary, extreme and in many cases, preventable. The person suffering will almost always send out cries of help, you just have to be vigilant enough to catch them, and help in any way you can.


Their eating habits have changed suddenly, they don’t like to eat anymore.

Seems trivial, but this can link to something way more sinister. While it is true, changes in eating habits can be a signal for depression and other related mental illnesses, these feelings are often linked and its best to tackle them as soon as you see them manifest themselves.



They have started having frequent mood swings.

I’m not talking about slight changes, I’m talking about massive shifts in mood. One moment a person could be totally fine, but something could trigger them into full on rage or maybe just make them isolate themselves entirely.



Or if their mood swings have become more intense.

If the mood swings continue and increase in frequency, this might be a cause for concern. Your friend/ loved one will begin to behave less and less like themselves.



They’ve told you more than once that they’ve had “enough”

If someone you know says things like ‘bas hogaya yaar’ or ‘bohut hogaya hai’ , you need to talk stuff out with them, or at least show them that you’re concerned and more importantly, that you’re there for them.



They’ve started pushing you away

I mean this both literally and figuratively. If your friend or loved one is being uncharacteristically violent it can be read as cry for help.

They’re also become more distant emotionally. They aren’t willing to talk to you anymore and they’re keeping things from you.

Source: Shiny Toy Guns

When someone begins to isolate themselves, they’re showing behavior that is basically dissociating them from the people and circumstances that they know well and are comfortable within.


Their interest in activities they enjoyed has decreased, drastically

If someone starts losing interest in their hobbies, passions or anything else they liked, its usually a sign of feeling hopeless. Research also indicates that such changes in behavior link to deep depression, i.e a person doesn’t find joy in the things they used to find joy in.



They talk about death a lot.

A person who is suicidal has death, and the process of dying on their mind. The topic will many a times come into conversation.



They constantly say that they’re hopeless and unloved.

The person will keep mentioning how they feel like they’ve lost all purpose. Whats most disturbing is that they mention how other people in their lives (and they could also blame you) just don’t care about them anymore. They’re clearly in a pit of loneliness and shattered self confidence.



Mental health is a very tricky field. Each case is different and has to be dealt with individually. Just remember if someone you know has been depressed, just keep following their behavior and talk to them if things get too worrying, or get them appropriate help.


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