As An Experienced Ammi, Here Are My Tried And Tested Tips To Keep Kids Busy During Summer Vacations

By Sana Younas | 7 Jul, 2018

Summer definitely brings pangs of anxiousness for desi moms. Your school-going children are about to stay at home for almost three months. As earliest as possible, you start doing your research to find activities to involve your kids in. Besides this, you’re also worried about the immense summer vacation homework which students are normally expected to bring from their schools.


Let’s face it, moms – summer puts an extra burden on our pockets.


Moreover, summer break means more kharcha, as there is some additional investment in kids’ summer schools, buying additional stationery, managing holiday trips, buying new course books, uniforms, and school shoes. Thus, it is not just the heatwave moms are worried about but also the forthcoming kharcha wave.


My idea of summer assignments for parents

Suggestions to combat Summer Vacations

I believe there should also be summer assignments for parents. Parents obviously need to spend some quality time with kids too. After all, quality time is important. I came up with a few suggestions on how mothers particularly and parents generally could be successful in establishing a strong healthy relationship with their children, even during summer vacations.


What about having same timings for meals and that too together?

Have at least two meals together with children. Teach them the importance and origin of food.

Suggestions to combat Summer Vacations
Source: ARY Films


Those tiny helping hands could learn a lot. They just wait for your ‘Go Ahead’ sign.

Let children participate in daily chores. But don’t force them. Make sure they’re actually picking up skills in the process. This would help them learn to respect house helpers and appreciate the dignity of labor.

Suggestions to combat Summer Vacations


Planting is cool. Isn’t it?

Also, tell them the importance of planting and include them in the activity. Make them understand how planting combats heatwaves. This hobby is the need of the hour and our tiny efforts could instill in them the love for plants.

Suggestions to combat Summer Vacations


Holidays matlab road trip to your parents’ places

Meet grandparents quite often as their bonding with grandparents is also very valuable which helps to shape their personality. Both maternal and paternal grandfathers should be equally valuable to the children.

Suggestions to combat Summer Vacations
Source: Hum Television Network


Outdoor games have their own charm, and nothing can beat them

Allow your children to play outdoors. They not only explore the world but learn some really good social skills themselves.

Suggestions to combat Summer Vacations


Use this as an opportunity to shape who they are

Focus on character building rather than just making attempts to make them bookish. Engage them in fun activities instead of preaching how to become better people. Let them solve riddles with morals or read up on interesting, yet essential content.

Suggestions to combat Summer Vacations
Source: ARY Films


As someone who’s tried and tested these things, I would definitely suggest ke aap bhi try karein. It’ll help you raise an independent soul, all while saving you a few bucks. Happy summer, guys!


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