13 Timeless Moments From “Sub Set Hai” That Will Still Make You Laugh

By Ather Ahmed | 22 Nov, 2017

Back in the early 2000s, a sitcom by the name of ‘Sub Set Hai’¬†used to air that captured the true essence of the life of a middle-class Karachitte with a humorous twist. The show encapsulated everything about¬†mohalla¬†life in Karachi wherein it showed a group of friends up to no good. The show became an instant hit, especially amongst the Urban youth of the country. It was the first time you got to hear local slang words like ‘topi’, ‘dhakan, and ‘burger’,¬†on national television. Amidst all the violence happening in Karachi at the time, ‘Sub Set Hai’¬†became somewhat of an escape for viewers to forget about their worries for twenty minutes or so and enjoy a few laughs and giggles. So as a tribute to one of the most influential shows to ever air on television here’s a look back at some of the fun-filled moments it gave us.


1. The New Kid On The Block

New guy Faris shows up in the Mohala and he’s everything all the boys wish they¬†were.


2. Yasir Akhter shows up in town

Not a lot of you may remember this but back in the day, Yasir Akhter used to be a famous singer and occasional actor back in the day. In this episode, he plays himself and naturally all the boys impressed by his stardom try to get close to him. Rather unsuccessfully though.


3. Every time Pintoo goes out on a date

Tipu had a lot of talents and skills, unfortunately¬†being smooth with the ladies wasn’t one of them. Every time he tries to impress a lady, for some reason or the other, he always strikes out.


4. The entire Mohalla goes after Bobby’s head

Pintoo convinces the entire¬†mohalla that Bobby has been the cause of all their troubles. Let’s just say things don’t end well for Bobby in this one.



5. Bobby starts hanging out with bad eggs

Pintoo convinces the entire¬†mohalla that Bobby has been the cause of all their troubles. Let’s just say things don’t end well for Bobby in this one.


6. Bobby takes up Karate

Bobby¬†finds a new passion for martial arts. Unfortunately isn’t quite able to pursue that passion for long.


7.¬† Imran’s captaincy on the line

Bobby tries to screw Imran out of captaincy in their street cricket team by convincing some other players to throw the game so he can win the match and take the role of captain. In the end however, neither of them are successful.


8. Bobby tries to marry his US wali Khala’s daughter

Sadly his plans to settle in America fail.


9. Bobby and Imran get more than what they bargain for

Bobby and Imran mess with the wrong kid who apparently has friends in high places. Let’s just say that this was the most epic chase scene in Pakistan’s television history.


10. Bobby just can’t catch a break

I actually bad for him in this scene. It seems like the entire world is against him. No one would even let him sleep in peace


11. Pinto’s date doesn’t go as planned

You’ll have to see this for yourself.


12. Nadia gets really possessive of Pinto

Pinto finally finds a girl for himself however she ends up giving him an ultimatum. Either her or his friends.



13.  Everytime Raza Pindi shows up

Honestly THE BEST.


What was your favorite moment from ‘Sub Set Hai?’

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