All The Stuff You Hear If Your Younger Sister Is Getting Married Before You

By Haadia Paracha | 31 Dec, 2016

Your sister’s wedding is a big milestone and any girl would be thrilled at the idea of running the show, being the boss of things and performing the “maid of honor” duties. Shaadis these days are so much fun with bridal showers and dance practices and pretty outfits and having the perfect excuse to be all dolled up. BUT all hell breaks loose in the desi hierarchy if your younger sister gets hitched before you do. Suddenly all the aunties (and some very annoying uncles) make it their personal mission to rain on your parade. Psssst…not that you care.


Here’s some of the stuff you hear when your younger sister is getting married before you:


1. Hum tou bus har waqt tumhare liye duaein ker rahay hein. Kal meinay 100 nafal sirf tumhare liye perhay thay. ?

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Thank you, nani‘s brother’s wife’s random paros wali aunty. I didn’t think you were this invested in my path to halal sex.


2. Barri wali ka abhi kuch nai hua? Bichari.

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3. Allah naseeb achay karray.

What’s to say my naseeb isn’t already acha already?


4. Koi masla vasla tou nai hay?

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Jee shuker se mere standards kuch zyada hee high hein.


5. Zarur kissi ne iska dil tora hay.

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Yeah because that’s the ONLY reason I don’t wanna marry.


6. Asal mein, career oriented jo hay.

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Because having ambitions is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.


7. Koi tumhare friends circle mein hay jisske saath tumhari thori “understanding” ho?

Of course, aunty. Larka phansana tou mere 5-year plan mein tha.


8. Tez color pehna kroh, tumhay young dikhatay hein.

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Don’t worry, I’m absolutely comfortable in my skin.


9. Rishtay walon ke samnay choti behen ko mat laana, kya socheingay ke iska rishta pehle hogaya?

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Enough said.


10. Allah karray tum dono ka saath mein hee kuch ho jaaye.

No, auntyji. I’d rather not share my big day with my sister R U NUTZ?


But, in all seriousness, don’t let these loco aunties and the nosy uncles bring you down. Your sister’s big day is half of yours, too. Make sure you have a baller time, regardless of what people say.


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