Here's Why These Students From Lahore Have Started Painting Walls In Schools

By Momina Mindeel | 25 Nov, 2016

While most students are busy running the race to grab on to a bucket load of A grades and secure their positions in exams, there are those who are unable to enjoy these privileges of competing for the best university seats and attending the top institutions in the country. Not like they don’t have the desire to do so, but their economic circumstances don’t allow them. That’s where Shehryar Ali and his friends come in.


These students from Lahore are helping build schools for those who don’t have the best facilities like the rest of us

Shehryar is a resident of Lahore who has just completed his A Levels. One of his friend’s mother has been running a school in Lahore for the past few years for the deserving and needy. Most of the students studying there are from economically challenged backgrounds and are studying for free, while the rest only pay a small amount that is used to keep the school running. The school is, therefore, being run on donations.

Source: Shehryar Ali
Source: Shehryar Ali

wing to the lack of funds, the school administration has not been able to get the school re-painted for the past many years. Seeing this, Shehryar reached out to his brother who, in turn, reached out to two of his class fellows Hamza and Jodat who had recently established an organization – Kaam Fael Amal – to bridge the gap between the haves and have nots in the country. Together, Shehrayar, his brother and Kaam Fael Amal along with a large paint company that donated 22 paint cylinders to them, are helping bring some color to the lives of kids who deserve it.


From there on, it was all about gathering funds and volunteers to get the work started.

Source: Shehryar Ali
Source: Shehryar Ali

For three whole days, all these students worked day in day out, to re-paint the school, leaving enough time to clean it afterwards so that the kids coming back to their school after a long weekend do not have to face any difficulties.

Source: Shehryar Ali
Source: Shehryar Ali


Shehrayar and his team epitomize selflessness and empathy.

Here’s hoping all the work put in by these, and all the other social woke kids, turns out fruitful results because we all need some good in our lives.

If you wish to donate for this noble cause, you contact the team of Kaam Fael Amal over here.

Source: Shehryar Ali
Source: Shehryar Ali


Cover Image Via: Shehryar Ali 

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