The Student's Solidarity March Held Yesterday Received A TON Of Support From All Over Pakistan And It's Incredible

By Noor | 1 Dec, 2018

The Student’s Solidarity March, which was conducted yesterday, has highlighted some serious issues that have contributed to the degradation of the education system in Pakistan. The students, via an open letter, presented their grievances to the Prime Minister and enjoined all other students for the protests in their respective cities. They tried to draw the attention of the higher authorities towards the ‘obvious’ flaws in the education system of Pakistan.

They mentioned the issues like the inability of the infrastructure to accommodate a large number of students, the glaring issue of fewer universities, increasing tuition fees and the presence of fake campuses/unrecognized educational institutes all over the country.

Source: @AmmarRashidT/Twitter

They did not just point out the worsened quality of education but also protested against the ban on the student unions.

Students highlighted the issues directly affecting the women and have argued about the way the right-wing extremism has badly influenced the institutes. The letter also discussed the poor hostel facilities. It also explained that the students were deprived of their right to exercise freedom of speech.

Source: @AmmarRashidT/Twitter

They compared the university campuses to prison cells and called for a protest to support the entire student body in the country.

Source: @AmmarRashidT/Twitter

 Students presented a set of demands, asking the government to take those measures promptly.

Source: @AmmarRashidT/Twitter

Organizers of the march sent video messages and circulated the pamphlets to ensure that all the students stood up for their own right

The call to action was everywhere.

Source: @PSCollective/Twitter

Students from all over the country took part in this march in their respective cities

It definitely was a true representation of the present wave of student activism in Pakistan

KPK students were also a part of this protest and marched to the Provincial Assembly

They wanted the right to exercise their freedom of speech

Students in Islamabad also realized the intensity of the issues mentioned and they also actively took part in the protest

The entire student body was determined to secure their rights

They wanted to utilize this opportunity to ensure that their experience at university changes for the better

Students in Quetta also conducted the protest and gathered outside Press Club

Their will and determination to acquire political freedom were evident 

The organizers thanked all the individuals who made this protest a success 

The Student’s Solidarity March has certainly raised some serious questions. What do you think about the whole issue? share your opinions in the comment section below.


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