This Student In Peshawar Just Killed His Principal And Accused Him Of Blasphemy After Being Questioned On His Absence

By Alveena Jadoon | 23 Jan, 2018

A student of Islamia College in Charsadda has allegedly shot down his principal and also accused him of blasphemy. This was done after the principal scolded him over his absence from college. The student was absent because he went to take part in the Faizabad sit-in. For him, the principal not accommodating him, was an act of blasphemy because he had gone for a noble cause.


The police have taken Faheem Shah into custody, whereas Sareer Ahmed is in a critical condition at the moment

Here is a video showing the student in custody. He said he’s not guilty that he committed such a crime. He says that he has no fear of death

The studen­t confes­ses to his crime, accuse­s the princi­pal of blasph­emy

Student kills college principal for 'reprimanding him over indiscipline'

Posted by Express Tribune on Montag, 22. Januar 2018

Pakistanis are outraged at the occurrence of such an incident. And that too inside the premises of an educational institute

Defending Pakistan is becoming a problem.  No matter how good a picture we paint, there are many stories every day proving that we are going downhill

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The value of life in Pakistan seems to be none

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It’s the age of darkness, perhaps?

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This Facebook user believes that the incident was a result of humiliation.

If students are humiliated to an extent, they commit such crimes. You guys are the judge of how much sense this argument makes

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We need to focus on being kind and accepting

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Schools are producing intolerant individuals

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This issue highlights three core problems of the Pakistani society

It shows that we cannot digest differences in opinions. We jump at the opportunity of painting another individual as either a traitor to the country or if we want to take things a little further, we accuse them of blasphemy.

The misuse of the blasphemy law is so rampant in the society and ends up taking so many lives. It is almost as if we are forgetting that we ourselves can be the targets someday.

If individuals studying in schools, colleges and universities are not tolerant, then we need to reconsider our curriculum and before feeding our kids with formulas of mathematics and the wonders of science, we need to teach them how to be a good human being first.

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