This Engineering Student From Faisalabad Left A Heartbreaking Suicide Note Before Taking His Life

By Biya Haq | 5 Oct, 2018

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A lecturer at The Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research (IEFR) in Faisalabad, watched a student commit suicide and when he tried to help him as the student was taking his last breaths the 15 helpline was not responsive to his calls.

Posted by lecturer Rizwan Shah on Facebook, the entire account of a student killing himself on campus was posted on his profile.

The post outlined all the details of Shah witnessing the student holding a pistol, injured. He immediately called 1122. The helpline allegedly refused to help and told Shah to call 15. At this point, he called the number thrice and with no response, he ran to find a QRF van on campus that immediately helped the situation.

Source: Engr Rizwan Shah Via Facebook


Unfortunately for the student, it was too late.

Source: Engr Rizwan Shah Via Facebook

According to Samaa TV, the student, Saifullah, killed himself because he had failed in his exams and was not performing well in school. He had apparently been further expelled from his school due to these issues.


What was absolutely heartbreaking, was that he even left a suicide note, apologizing to his parents and also requesting his doctors not to save his life, as he would commit suicide again if he lived this attempt.

Source: Engr Rizwan Shah Via Facebook

He asked everyone around him to let him go peacefully and for people to not investigate his death. He also stated that the suicide was not due to depression, or pressure and that it was his own choice and own way to go.


Since then the death has been covered by the local news and students are in protest for justice for his life.

Source: Samaa News Faisalabad Via Facebook


We spoke to one of the witnesses at the scene and asked him about his experience.

His identity will not be revealed due to privacy concerns. This is what the witness shared:


“The student named Saifullah Jamali suicide last night at the right side of the main gate of NFC-IEFR Faisalabad on the footpath. At night often druggies found on that footpath lying after taking drugs. The fire shot was sound at 7:05 PM and no one noticed that after 2 minutes a teacher noticed the body lying there, he called 1122 helpline and they refused by saying that “you may call 15 helpline”, then the teacher called 15 thrice but the number is going busy, after that at Kohinoor city near NFC the QRF force rapidly responded and came to the spot and then more police vans and emergency medical services and media arrived at the spot.”

Source: Samaa News Faisalabad Via Facebook


He went on to say, “conspiracies and reasons: There are some conspiracies flowing around including that the student was rusticated from the university and that is the reason media is reporting but there are some other reasons also exist that there is a madam named XXX of chemical engineering department has failed that student three times but this reason has some history which media is not covering because no spokesman of university is accepting to talk with the media persons that is about three days ago the parents of that student are called by the university administration on making misbehave with the teacher and also some conspiracy is there that he has written that madam name at his wrist with blade after that from last two days he is not in connection with his parents and also he is not coming to university from last two days. That student is ashamed of his misbehave with the female teacher, and what is his last will written on a paper with his signature and found in his hands at the death spot is attached here.”


Suffice to say, people have been shaken by the whole incident and it has started a blame game, unfortunately

Source: Facebook

This tragic incident just goes to show that mental health is absolutely imperative on every level. Though the student did say his death was not the result of depression or pressure, many students who do commit suicide in school do hurt themselves because of these reasons.

The schooling in Pakistan has social constructs that put a lot of pressure on students. Massive expectations are put upon students with no proper direction and counseling. It is something the new government needs to pick up on immediately.

If you or your loved ones experience or know anyone that experience moments in which suicidal thoughts are involved, it is absolutely important to help them in any way you can.


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Cover photo source: Engr Rizwan Shah Via Facebook

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