15 Struggles Only Those Who Have Ever Tried Dieting Will Relate To

By Umair Mahmood | 21 Feb, 2016

So you finally decide to get fit and healthy and have mercy on your poor little stomach by resorting to dieting? Good job. It’s the mindset that counts, or so you’d think. When a Pakistani diets, however, there is a lot that goes on. First is the massive struggle with controlling those cravings when every Sunday morning you see your whole family sitting down to a giant gluttonous breakfast of parathay in desi ghee.

Here are some of the other struggles you’d relate to if you’ve ever tried dieting, or are currently on one:


1. People ask you why you’re dieting

“I guess it’s hard for people to understand that I’m just trying to be healthier.”

Source: Tumblr

2. Your friends will plan a lunch meet-up at that restaurant you had been dying to go to

Just when you start watching what you eat, your friends want to socialize over the very thing you want to stay away from.

Source: Tumblr


3. Your family dinners will have all your favorite food

You know you are trying to cut down on your calories intake but somehow the world wants to break your vows by presenting you with all the nihari, paaye and biryani that you just can’t seem to refuse.

Source: Tumblr


4. Your brother will order pizza every single night of the week

In his defense, there was nothing to eat at home. In your defense, you just can’t say no to a pizza.

Source: Giphy


5. Your parents will advertise your diet to everyone they talk to

Then your relatives start asking you questions, some to ridicule your dieting. “Why on earth are you dieting at such a young age?”

Source: Giphy


6. Your dad will make negative remarks about your diet

Yeh dieting se kuch nahi hota, weak hojaogay.”

Source: Giphy


7.  Your mom will feed you with even more roti than before

She thinks you won’t notice and intentionally gives you more food as she is worried you might starve yourself.

Source: Giphy


8. When you plan to workout to supplement your diet, the weather will be against you

“Hmm, I wonder what I can do at home…”

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9. You’ll get sick of all the sukkhay vegetables you eat

While you appreciate the health benefits of vegetables, you WILL get fed up of them and want some good, greasy, fat filled food every now and then.

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10. You will see others eat without a care for their waistline and will cry inside

Every once in a while, you will encounter those “diet-violators” who keep eating the exact type of food you’re trying to avoid.

Source: Tumblr


11. You won’t know what to do with your life anymore

Food was supposed to be your lifelong companion but now you have broken up with it due to its negative repercussions on your body.

Source: Tumblr

“Yes, Juggan. I do want to marry a cake AND a pastry.”


12. You will get cravings and will think about breaking your diet

With all that’s going on around you, how could you NOT want to stuff your mouth with some feel good food? HOW???

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13. You will dream about food even when you’re not sleeping

Source: Tumblr


14. You will decide to cheat on your diet

No one has to know.

Source: bopandtigerbeat


15. But because you are a strong person you will hang in there

Source: Tumblr

You know you can do it, just think about those sexy pants you’ve been dreaming about fitting into at the end of your diet.



Is the struggle too real for you? Here’s something else you might relate to:



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