13 Struggles Every Pakistani Knows If They've Gone Shopping With Their Mothers

By Kashaf | 23 Feb, 2018

Going shopping with ammi is always an adventure. If you have a Pakistani mother, then you definitely know the struggle of going shopping with them. From not liking anything you like to be in charge of all of the bargaining for you – it’s an interesting experience for sure.


1. You get super excited because your mom wants to take you shopping, you know what that means – free clothes!

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Shopping time with ammi ji means revamping your entire wardrobe.


2. Your mom has an agreement with you – no entering a store that’s not having a sale.

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It’s time to hit up all the sales and stock up on all the latest fashions.


3. Your mom will run into a million of her friends and stand and talk to them while you awkwardly stand there.

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Umm hello mother,  I understand that you know every third aunty at this mall but you don’t have to stop and talk to everyone.

4. Once you actually start shopping….she doesn’t like ANYTHING you like.

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This is too expensive…you don’t need more black tops…you’ll never wear these shoes.


5. Everything you like is also inappropriate.

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itna chota dress??”


6. She picks out hideous clothes and tells you to try them on.

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From making you try on colorful kurtas to whatever she wore as a teenager back in the day, sometimes mothers don’t get the latest trends.


7. She is the most valuable and honest critic you could possibly go shopping with.

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She’ll tell you like it is. “That top does NOT look good on you beta” and those jeans are too tight. And she’s always there to run back into the store to get a different size while you’re in the changing room.



8. You convince her to buy outfits for herself that you know she’ll never wear and will become yours.

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Can’t wait to wear this kurta to my friend’s party next week!!!


9. When you and your mom finally get to the checkout counter, she’ll randomly run back to get “one more thing” and after five minutes you find yourself at the front of the checkout line with ten people behind you. 

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Mamaaaaaaaaaaaa??…Your anxiety starts to kick in.


10. When your mom finally comes back to the counter with ten more tops in her hand

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You breathe a sigh of relief as she comes right as the cashier is checking out the last item.


11. You can’t bargain for the life of you, so the shopkeepers only take you seriously when you’re with your mom – who has all the bargaining tricks up her sleeve.

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You hope that one day you’ll inherit the art of bargaining and dealing with tailors…cause at this point that isn’t happening.


12. Even though you don’t get to buy everything you want, quality time spent with your mom shopping always brings a smile to your face.

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It’s an amazing feeling when you and your mom finally decide on an outfit.


13. As you head out to the car with your new clothes, you realize you’re going to look amazing this weekend. 

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Or at least your mom has convinced you that you will…



Did you relate to the struggle of shopping with your mom?

cover image source: tribune.com.pk

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