13 Struggles Only Pakistanis With Resting Bitch Face Will Understand

By Kashaf | 12 Jan, 2018

RBF, otherwise known as resting bitch face is very real. You may have been told to smile countless times by strangers and aunties while you’re minding your own business. People can often be callous about how they treat you because they think you’re a mean person. RBF may not be the easiest thing to live with – that is unless you learn to embrace it. Actions speak louder than words and they should speak louder than your face too.

Those who suffer from this condition will completely understand these struggles.

1. If you aren’t smiling cheek to cheek, people assume there is something terribly wrong.

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Um hello, people, I’m having a fabulous day!?!


2. People are constantly asking you “what’s wrong” and “why are you in such a bad mood”

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3. Which actually ruins your good mood.

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Now your normal RBF has turned into aggressive RBF.


4. No one ever approaches you at social gatherings.

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So usually, you’re chilling all by yourself.


5. People are always telling you to smile.

source: buzzfeed.com

I’ll smile when I want to, thank you very much.


6. You always look bored.

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But you’re actually having a JOLLY good time.


7. Everyone assumes that you’re mad at them.

source: Burmawala Partners

And it makes you want to punch them.


8. You’re constantly exhausted from forcing yourself to smile.

Your cheeks start to physically hurt because they’re not used to it.


9. People always think you’re a bitch when they first meet you.

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“Omg, when I first met you I thought you were such an evil bitch!” Ouch.


10. When people finally get to know you, they’re shocked to know you have a sense of humor.

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I’m sorry I only have two expressions.


11. People always assume that you’re silently judging them.

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12. …Wh, in reality, you’re just thinking about the pizza you’re gonna order when you get home.

source: Logo TV

I’d actually rather be anywhere but here.


13. You’ve learned to accept and embrace your face the way it is.

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Do YOU have RBF?

cover image source: reviewit.pk

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