13 Awkward Struggles Of Being A Kebab Mein Haddi

By Kashaf | 19 Dec, 2017

Have you been a kebab mein haddi?

Being single is amazing. That is until you’re always the third wheel aka kebab mein haddi for your friends that are in a relationship. While it’s good to have a good relationship with your best friend’s significant other – constantly being around a lovey-dovey couple can kinda make you want to vomit.

Here are some awkward struggles of being a third wheel in Pakistan:


1. As the kebab mein haddi you have to share quality time with your BFF

It’s hard to get quality time alone with your friends since they’re always with their new pyaar. They even bring them to girls/boys night.

kebab mein haddi 1
Source: 7th Sky Entertainment


2. Your friend is too scared to go on dates alone because mami/khala/phupo might see them, so you’re dragged along everywhere because of course, that’s the job description of a kebab mein haddi

Sometimes this can be super awkward and annoying but you understand the struggle so you go with it.

Source: A & B Entertainment


3. When you go out to eat you’re always left awkwardly sitting by yourself

Romantic table for two plus one ~please~.

Source: ARY Digital / YouTube


4. You excuse yourself to the bathroom at least three times during the meal so you can give your friend and their lover some privacy

Sometimes your friend will even give you the look that means GTFO fast.

Source: Oriental Films


5. When you go to a party and you’re now not only the kebab mein haddi but a 5th, 7th, and 9th wheel too

In a room full of couples you’re on your own. Literally.

Source: Oriental Films


6. You’re always reminding your friend that you actually like being single and maybe even their kebab mein haddi

Who needs a relationship when you have food and the internet anyways??

Via Tumblr


7. Witnessing PDA is just …….

There are some things in life you just can’t un-see.

Source: Oriental Films


8. Your friend will always try to make you go on blind dates or surprise you with a rando on a night out so you won’t be the awkward kebab mein haddi

You’re often running away and hiding from said person in the bathroom.

Via Tumblr


9. Sometimes you wonder if you’ll actually be alone forever and the perpetual kebab mein haddi for all your friends

Will I ever find the one?? Probs not.

Source: Six Sigma Plus


10. You sometimes wonder why you even agree to go out with them

What good is this bringing to my life?

Via Tumblr


11. You awkwardly have to witness them fight as the silent kebab mein haddi

It’s best to somehow get outta there. ASAP.

Via Tumblr


12. You’re the certified couple’s photographer

You have perfected the art of taking amazing candid couple pictures.

Via Tumblr


13. You start to feel like their child and sometimes they actually treat you like you are which can be cute………..but also weird

very weird actually.

Via Tumblr

But oh well, love ya’ll anyway.


What have you been through as a third-wheel? Let us know in the comments below.


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cover image via: veryfilmi.com

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