13 Struggles For Every True Musalmaan During Ramazan

By Ayesha Bibi | 6 Jun, 2016

Ramazan in Pakistan is synonymous with rich, gluttonous food at iftaaris (and sehris too), hyper inflation, sasti ramazan transmissions where there is more music and drama than on any other TV show and an overall feeling of festivity. In the midst of all this is you, a simple Musalmaan trying to perform their religious duty.

Let’s take a look at the¬†real struggles that an average Pakistani Muslim faces during the month of Ramazan:


1. One of the biggest struggles of Ramazan is waking up for Sehri

That is, if you do go to sleep in the first place. Its 3 AM. You hear your mother calling your name from down the hallway. You are groggy and bleary eyed and cannot comprehend why would anyone want to be awake at this hour. And then you realize: It’s sehri time.

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2. While usually eating is your favorite hobby, forcing your half- asleep mind to eat at Sehri is another one of the struggles of Ramazan

It is hard enough being awake at Sehri but to actually coax yourself into eating a hefty meal, is a feat in itself. Because you do not want to operate like a zombie during the day you convince yourself that just surviving on a bowl of dahi, won’t be enough.

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3. Trying not to doze off during the day

If you are an office going person, or a student suffering through classes during this summer, we feel for you. With a depleted source of energy and shitload of work to do, operating during the day becomes a big challenge, so you resort to power naps. A lot of them.

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4. Coping with the sweltering Pakistani garmi with a roza, has got to be the toughest of struggles of Ramazan

Need we say more on this topic. Ramazan for at least the next 4 years is going to coincide with the warmest temperatures in our region, add to it the effect of global warming and you’ll have “uff ye garmi” as your mantra.

Now imagine keeping rozay with a life derived of all the privileges you or I have.

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5. Mama’s¬†daant on¬†the¬†absolute¬†nikamapan,¬†the entire day is yet another of those struggles of Ramazan that hurt only this month

“So so k roza maqru karo gai”¬†is the rant of every mom in Ramazan. Unless you are not on your prayer mat from dawn till dusk, our ammas¬†are continuously after us to try and be a good musalmaan.

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6. Fighting the urge to drink or smoke

You are a human, who has needs. You want to desperately eat and/or drink a sip of water but cannot because you are fasting and this control over yourself is what depicts the true spirit of Ramazan and fasting. But for us Pakistanis the reward becomes double as alongside spiritual cleansing, we have scrumptious iftaaris to look forward to.

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7. Watching movies and feeling super guilty

Isn’t shaitan supposed to be locked somewhere for the duration of Ramazan? Well, apparently not, because whenever you are super hungry and in need of distracting yourself, you sit in front of the TV and let it’s magic work. Oh but then you do feel super guilty afterwards for watching¬†fahaashi.

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8. Wondering if listening to music is allowed

For some people who do go an extra mile to keep their roza pure, the struggle is real. Also since music is everywhere (even the Ramazan shows), such people do have a challenge on their hands.

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9. The¬†absolute¬†horror of Eid ki shopping while fasting is usually one of the big struggles… but not this year

And having to deal with the delaying tactics of your darzi who has a motto of NOT delivering your eid ka jorra on time.

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10. One of the “fun” struggles of Ramazan, though, is watching the clock’s every move right before iftaari

Tick- tock, tick-tock. Why does the clock not move any faster? You are hungry and the delicious aromas from the kitchen are pure torture.

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11. Eating too much at iftaari and feeling like a bloated elephant

So you had your eye on the pakoras, kachori, stuffed fried chicken and the jug full of Rooh Afza or doodh soda (whatever floats your boat). But you had one choti si khajoor and a glass of water and you feel like you have devoured an entire deg. And you still wanted to eat more *sigh*

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12. The dilemma of being a Game of Thrones fan during Ramazan

Since Game of Thrones airs at 9 pm in USA, it means we have it available in Pakistan early morning, during the roza and given the *ahem-ahem* lack of sharafat on the show, these upcoming episodes will present quite a dilemma for GoT junkies.

13. Struggling with staying awake with your friends at night or going to sleep to cover your sleep deficit

Since sehri time is at 3AM anyway and you stay awake that late during normal days, the struggle is wondering how and when you’ll be covering your sleep deficit otherwise. Guess it’s going to be you sleeping at work, then. Oh well…

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Have a blessed Ramazan and don’t forget its the month of tolerance, harmony and self-control. *Peace*


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