Strings Just Announced They're Leaving Coke Studio And Fans Are Shocked

By Sarmad Amer | 29 Oct, 2017

Strings are possibly one of the biggest, if not the biggest, bands in what remains of the Pakistani music industry. They’ve been attached to Coke Studio ever since Rohail Hyatt ended his tenure after season 6. They just made an announcement about their affiliation with Coke Studio and it’s come as a shocker for fans.


The last season of Coke Studio was widely panned for lackluster performances and possible concerns over nepotism in featuring artists that were related to big names

Strings had been the main producers of the show since Season 7 and while their fan base didn’t budge, they did end up being tacked with the responsibility of the last season.

Source: Coke Studio


They just made an announcement, declaring Season 10 to be their last as the producers of Coke Studio


During their four-season stint, Strings brought many legendary musicians to what has arguably become the biggest music platform in the country

Source: Coke Studio


And fans of the band are shocked by this new development


While some aren’t so happy


Most of them feel that with  2018 being the 30 year anniversary of the band, it’s a welcome move because the band has so much else to offer


Critics of the band’s leadership of Coke Studio are equally joyous


Some are even speculating who will be the next captain of this ship


People are speculating whether this spells Rohail Hyatt’s return in order to restore the platform back to what it used to be at the peak of its glory days


Others are wondering if the whole show will wrap up


Whatever comes ahead, for Strings as well as for Coke Studio, we’re all waiting with breath that is bated.


What do you think about Strings announcing their departure from Coke Studio? Going to miss them in season 11 or are you over Coke Studio?

Cover image via Coke Studio

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