This Weird Little Purple Bird Has Taken Over The Internet, Here's The Story Behind It

By Iman Zia | 15 Feb, 2017

Have you seen this little fellah pop up on your Facebook timeline slash Twitter feed as you scroll on by?

Via Tumblr

Do you wonder why suddenly everyone on the internet is obsessed with it?


Do you have no clue what the hell this is?

You’re not the only one. I was as baffled as you are. 

It’s like social media’s been invaded by this weird purple bird. Turns out it’s actually not a hen, or a pigeon or even some weird swan. It’s a dove incessantly bopping back and forth head-banging.


Move over Salt Bae…Say hello to the “Trash Dove”. 

Via Facebook


The Facebook sticker has swarmed comment threads across Facebook, and it’s gone viral.

It’s been turned into gifs and endless memes. And has been found in many of MangoBaaz comments sections, as well.

Source: Trash Dove Memes / Facebook

Source: Trash Dove Memes / Facebook
Source: Trash Dove Memes / Facebook

It was designed by American artist Syd Weiler and the sticker was propelled into stardom by a Thai Facebook page where the dove faced a dance-off with an animated billi…which is worth a watch because…well…just watch it and you’ll see.


Now that the li’l trash dove’s broken the internet, there’s now a petition to ban the furry animal from existence, as well.

Via Facebook


Via Facebook


When is it appropriate to use the dove?

Well, anywhere and at any time you feel like it, basically. It can mean pretty much anything. Literally anythaaaannggg. Use your imagination kids. Go wild. Go crazy. Spam your friends until they want to stab you in the face.

Trash dove out.

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